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Alien vs Predator  Activision (Activision)? alienfranchise aliens crossover extraterrestrial future movie notpublished predator
Choujikuu Yousai Macross (超時空要塞マクロス)  Bandai (Namco)1985 anime darkspace endless extraterrestrial future lives macross mecha score space transformation
Metroid (메트로이 드)  Nintendo;Hyundai;Playtronic (Nintendo;Intelligent Systems)1987 armcannons bikini bossbattles consoleclassix deadlydecor extraterrestrial fanservice femaleprotagonist firstpartytitle lutris metroid metroid-universe metroidvania monsters nesclassic nofalldamage nonlinear powerarmor savepassword stereo walking wiivirtualconsole
Venus Senki (ヴィナス戦記;Venus Wars)  Varie (Human)1989 2080s 21stcentury anime extraterrestrial future manga movie multisequence venus wasteland
Power Blade (Power Blazer;パワーブレイザー;Power Mission)  Taito (Natsume)1990 2190s 22ndcentury 3rdmillennium alienmenace aliens boomerangs bossbattles consoleclassix enemyhealthdisplay extraterrestrial falloffdeath fallofftransitions future keys lives nofalldamage otherworld savepassword thrownweapons timelimit uvl-workingtitle versionvariations walking
Total Recall  Acclaim Entertainment (Interplay)1990 2080s 21stcentury arnoldschwarzenegger consoleclassix extraterrestrial future hollywood mars movie recursivereference
The Adventures of Rad Gravity  Activision (Interplay Productions)1990 aliens consoleclassix dinosaurs extraterrestrial otherworld savepassword space spacecraft spaceflight warptravel
Star Trek (Star Trek: 25th Anniversary)  Ultra Games (Interplay)1991 consoleclassix extraterrestrial future saveram startrek teleport uvl-tiein
Alien³ (Alien 3)  LJN (Probe Entertainment)1992 22ndcentury alienfranchise aliens extraterrestrial femaleprotagonist fury161 future interspecificconflict movie runandgun spacefaringage
Power Punch II (Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch)  American Softworks (Beam)1992 2000s 21stcentury 3rdmillennium aliens boxing extraterrestrial future otherworld
Star Trek: The Next Generation  Absolute Entertainment (Absolute Entertainment)1993 24thcentury darkspace extraterrestrial future savepassword space startrek uvl-tiein