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Championship Lode Runner (チャンピオンシップロードランナー)  Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft)1985 claiming digging hard harmfultouch instantdeath ladders lives loderunner lutris monkeybars nofalldamage robots savepassword subterranean trapping walking wiiuvirtualconsole wiivirtualconsole
Deadly Towers (魔鐘;Mashō;Mashou;Hell's Bells)  Brøderbund;Irem (Lenar)1986 amoeboids bc30thcentury bossbattles bossrush censored chiroptera consoleclassix constructionsite copperage currency dawnofanewage difficulty-single earth ghosts hard inventory keep ladders mapdeficient monsters noports projectilelimit savepassword scorpions secrets secrets-mandatory secrets-spots shopping snakes spiders stoneage subterranean swords walking
Holy Diver (ホーリーダイヴァー;ホーリー・ダイヴァー)  Irem (Irem)1989 bossbattles chiroptera deathpits demons hard monsters movingplatforms nofalldamage
Little Red Hood (TC-04 Little Red Hood;TC04 小紅帽;The Little Red Hood)  Joy Van;Sachan;HES (Thin Chen Enterprise)1990 bossbattles childprotagonist clams currency damageflicker deadlywater difficulty-single dogs fairytalebasis femaleprotagonist fish goblins hard indoors invisiblewalls keys littleredridinghood lives noports outdoors pearls porcupine powerups randomchance randomevents randomizedattributes randomlocations scorpions secrets secrets-mandatory shopping snakes subterranean swimming testudines underwater ursines walking
The Immortal  Electronic Arts1990 consoleclassix hard magic metagaming mysticprotagonist savepassword
Magical Doropie (まじかるキッズどろぴー;Magical Kids Doropie;The Krion Conquest;Francesca's Wand)  Vic Tokai (Vic Tokai)1990 1990s 20thcentury aimdirlimit alieninvasion asphyxiation bossbattles censored chargedattack city consoleclassix deadlydecor earth femaleprotagonist future hard harmfultouch jumping lifepowered lives magic magicalgirl robots simulacrums slipperysurfaces underwaterwalking unlimitedammo uvl-sku versionvariations walking wands witches
The Blues Brothers  Titus (Titus)1992 ♫petergunntheme bluesbrothers consoleclassix hard music-theme musicband musicianprotagonist uvl-tiein
Bucky O'Hare (バッキー オヘア)  Konami;Palcom (Konami)1992 amoeboids anuroids bossbattles characterswitch chargedattack chargedjump clingers consoleclassix crocodilians deadlydecor deadlywater directionalforce ducks elevators felinoids forest giantbeetles hard healthpickups jetbike jumping lagomorphprotagonist lava levelselection lives mindcontrol parallaxscrolling powerups prisonbreak robots savepassword score space spacecraft-location uvl-tiein walking wallclimbing wintery
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril  RetroZone (Sivak Games)2009 famitracker hard homebrew instantdeath noasin savepassword savepoints
Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment  RetroZone (Sivak Games)2012 demo difficulty hard homebrew instantdeath noasin savepassword savepoints
Indivisible Kasumi (Kasumi)2017 download hard license-proprietary