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Hydlide (Hydlide Special;ハイドライド・スペシャル)  Toshiba EMI;FCI (T&E Soft)1986 amoeboids cemetery chiroptera consoleclassix europeanfae healthregen hydlide magic notnintendocontentguid savepassword skeletons tombstones vampires walking
Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior;ドラゴンクエスト;Doragon Kuesuto)  Enix (Chunsoft)1986 adv-perks adv-static alternatefailures amoeboids animateobjects axes bizarrecreatures bludgeons bossbattles captives censored chiroptera combatmode consoleclassix dragonquest dragons encounters-random encounters-set encounters-unseen forest ghosts giantscorpions healthregen inventory knights langearlymodernenglish lightbridges meleeweapons menus monsters mystics noalternatives playerprofiles ruins savepassword saveram shopping skeletons sorcery subterranean swords town toxins undead walking werewolves wolves xp-kills zombies
Ancient Ys Vanished Omen (Ys;イース;伊蘇國;Ys: The Vanished Omens)  Victor (Advance Communication Company)1988 enemyhealthdisplay healthregen monsters saveram shopping xp-kills ys-series
Arkista's Ring  American Sammy (NMS Software)1990 amoeboids bossbattles bows castle chiroptera consoleclassix demons elvenprotagonist elves energycreatures femaleprotagonist forest ghosts ghouls giantinsects goblins golems gremlins grid grid-square healthregen insectoids keys knights magicweapons manticores monsters ninja noports notnintendocontentguid plantcreatures rapidmovementplants scorpions sewers shadows skeletons sprites subterranean tentaclecreatures town undead vampires volcano wintery wolves worms zombies
Wolverine  Acclaim Entertainment;LJN (Software Creations)1991 comic consoleclassix earth healthregen marvel mutantprotagonist mutants superhero-theme unarmedfighting wolverine xmen