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Ultima: Exodus (Ultima: Kyoufu no Exodus;ウルティマ 恐怖のエクソダス)  FCI;Pony Canyon (Origin)1987 ♫rulebritannia bossbattles bows charactercreation classbased combatmode consoleclassix forest fromanotherworld garlic inventory lineofsight meleeweapons menus monsters notnintendocontentguid otherworld riding sanskeyboard saveram shopping sorcery subterranean swords town toxins ultima ultimaageofdarkness
Die Hard (ダイハード;Duro de Matar;ダイ・ハード)  Activision;Playtronic;Pack-In-Video (Activision)1991 ♫odetojoy diehardfranchise lineofsight