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Magical Doropie (まじかるキッズどろぴー;Magical Kids Doropie;The Krion Conquest;Francesca's Wand)  Vic Tokai (Vic Tokai)1990 1990s 20thcentury aimdirlimit alieninvasion asphyxiation bossbattles censored chargedattack city consoleclassix deadlydecor earth femaleprotagonist future hard harmfultouch jumping lifepowered lives magic magicalgirl robots simulacrums slipperysurfaces underwaterwalking unlimitedammo uvl-sku versionvariations walking wands witches
Mahou no Princess Minky Momo: Remember Dream (魔法のプリンセス ミンキーモモ リメンバードリーム;魔法のプリンセス  ミンキーモモ リメンバードリーム)  Yutaka;NTV;Ashipro (Bits Laboratory)1992 anime magicalgirl minkymomo
Nakayoshi to Issho (なかよしといっしょ)  Yutaka (Yutaka)1993 femaleprotagonist magicalgirl nakayoshi sailormoon uvl-tiein
AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting (AV Mei Shao Nv Zhan Shi)  Ge De Industry (Hummer Team)1994 bootleg femaleprotagonist magicalgirl sailormoon sfiiengine uvl-tiein