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Millipede (ミリピード 巨大昆虫の逆襲;Milli-Pede:巨大昆虫の逆襲;Millipede: Kyodai Konchuu no Gyakushuu)  HAL Laboratory;HAL America (HAL Laboratory)1987 bees beetles centipede consoleclassix dragonflies earwigs endless fixedshooter instantdeath lives millipedes mosquitoes nintendo4atarichristmas score spiders worms
Noah's Ark  Konami;Matchbox (Source Research and Development)1991 africa alligators amphibians animateobjects antarctica asia australia bees birds bossbattles caterpillars censored cetaceans chiroptera cnidarians crabs crocodiles crocodilians dragons ducks eagles earth elderlyprotagonist europe fish flood frog giantanimals hedgehogs ichthyoids icicles insects jumping kangaroos killerwhales lagomorphs livesnowman lobsters mice mollusk monsters mosquitoes motorboat mummies mutants ninja northamerica notnintendocontentguid ocean oceanworld octopus ostriches owls pandas parrots penguin piranha plantcreatures prehistoric progressleft pyramids rapidmovementplants rats scorpions skunks snails snakes southamerica spiders stingrays stonemen toucans undead uvl-descriptionincomplete walking walruses