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Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu (熱血高校ドッジボール部;Super Dodge Ball)  Technos;CSG Imagesoft (Technos)1988 3dsvirtualconsole 3ormoreplayers britain consoleclassix dodgeball fc4way iceland india japan kenya kunio multitap nekketsu russia savepassword usa wiiuvirtualconsole wiivirtualconsole
Top Players' Tennis (World Super Tennis;ワールドスーパーテニス;Top Players' Tennis Featuring Chris Evert & Ivan Lendl;Four Players' Tennis;Evert & Lendl Top Players' Tennis)  Asmik;Nintendo (Home Data)1989 3ormoreplayers consoleclassix multitap professionalathlete racquetsports savepassword tennis
Super Spike V'Ball (V'ボール;V'Ball US Championship;Superspike V-Ball;슈 퍼 스파이크 V볼;U.S. チャンピオンシップV’BALL)  Technos;Nintendo;Hyundai (Technos)1989 3ormoreplayers beachvolley consoleclassix multitap volleyball
Hit the Ice Taito (Taito)1990 ♫waldteufelskaters 3ormoreplayers earth group hockey hybridgame icehockey latemodernperiod meleeweapons multitap naturalistic prototype serious slipperysurfaces
Super Jeopardy!  Gametek (GameTek)1990 3ormoreplayers consoleclassix jeopardy multitap tvgameshow
Swords and Serpents  Acclaim Entertainment (Interplay)1990 automap combatmode consoleclassix dungeoncrawler falsecredit gridmove group mp-cooperative multitap savepassword
Kings of the Beach  Ultra Games (Konami)1990 3ormoreplayers beach beachvolley consoleclassix multitap savepassword volleyball
Magic Johnson's Fast Break (Magic Johnson's Basketball)  Tradewest (Software Creations)1990 3ormoreplayers basketball consoleclassix multitap professionalathlete
Super Off Road (Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road)  Tradewest (Rare)1990 3ormoreplayers consoleclassix motorracing motorsport multitap professionalathlete shopping
Nintendo World Cup (Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball bu: Soccer hen;熱血高校ドッジボール部サッカー編)  Technos;Nintendo (Technos)1990 3dsvirtualconsole consoleclassix firstpartytitle kunio multitap nekketsu soccer wiiuvirtualconsole wiivirtualconsole worldchampionship
Gauntlet II (圣铠传说II)  Mindscape (Tengen)1990 3ormoreplayers consoleclassix dandylike gauntlet-series hunger ingametitle mp-cooperative multitap npcgenerators
M.U.L.E. (MULE)  Mindscape (Mindscape)1990 3ormoreplayers aliens multitap otherworld uvl-searchelp weakhumans
Monster Truck Rally  INTV (Realtime Associates)1990 3ormoreplayers consoleclassix difficulty driving earth leveleditor monstertruck motorracing motorsport multitap racing uvl-descriptionincomplete
NES Play Action Football  Nintendo (Tose)1990 3ormoreplayers americanfootball consoleclassix firstpartytitle multitap savepassword wiivirtualconsole
Spot: The Video Game (スポット)  Arcadia Systems;Bullet Proof Software (Bullet Proof Software)1990 3ormoreplayers ataxx consoleclassix coolspot multitap
A Nightmare on Elm Street  LJN (Rare)1990 3ormoreplayers cartoonbones chiroptera consoleclassix lives movie movingplatforms mp-cooperative multitap rats snakes spiders
4-in-1 Quattro Sports (Super Sports Challenge)  Camerica (Codemasters)1991 3ormoreplayers aladdinadapter baseball bicycle multitap racquetsports soccer tennis
Dream Team 3-on-3 Challenge  Data East (Data East)1991 3ormoreplayers basketball celebritytiein mp-cooperative multitap
Smash T.V. (Smash TV)  Acclaim (Beam)1991 arenashooter consoleclassix dualcontroller gameshow independentaim mp-cooperative multitap robotronlike score twinstickshooter
Harlem Globetrotters  Gametek (Softie)1991 3ormoreplayers basketball consoleclassix earth multitap uvl-descriptionincomplete uvl-tiein
Bomberman II (Dynablaster;ボンバーマンII)  Hudson (Hudson Soft)1991 3ormoreplayers bomberman bombs consoleclassix multitap savepassword uvl-descriptionincomplete
Gimme a Break Quiz Ketteisen (ギミア・ぶれいく 史上最強のクイズ王決定戦.Gimmi a Break: Shijou Saikyou no Quiz Ou Ketteisen)  Party Room 21 (Party Room 21)1991 multitap tvgameshow
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat  Tradewest Sports (Rare)1992 3ormoreplayers multitap shopping uvl-descriptionincomplete
Roundball: 2 on 2 Challenge  Mindscape (Mindscape;Park Place Productions)1992 3ormoreplayers basketball multitap savepassword uvl-sku
Greg Norman's Golf Power  Virgin Games (Gremlin)1992 consoleclassix golf leveleditor multitap saveram