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Pachicom (パチコン)  Toemiland;Toshiba EMI (Shouei System)1985 pachinko score scoreoriented timelimit
Takeshi no Chousenjou (たけしの挑戦状;Takeshi's Challenge)  Taito (Taito)1986 birds cave city civilianprotagonist currency hangglider inventory island japan pachinko pacificocean pirates playertaunting primates realprotagonist scorpions shopping singing skeletons snakes spiders unarmedfighting ursines walking
Mezase Pachi Pro: Pachiokun (目指せパチプロ パチ夫くん;めざせパチプロパチ夫くん)  Coconuts Japan (Marionette)1987 pachinko
Pachio-kun 2 (パチ夫くん2)  Coconuts Japan (Marionette)1989 pachinko
Pachio-kun 3 (パチ夫くん3 帰ってきたパチ夫くん)  Coconuts Japan (Marionette)1990 pachinko saveram
Pachio-kun 4 (パチ夫くん4)  Coconuts Japan (Marionette)1991 pachinko saveram
Pachio-kun 5: Jr no Chousen (パチ夫くん5 Jrの挑戦)  Coconuts Japan (Marionette)1993 pachinko saveram