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Poker  American Video Entertainment (American Video Entertainment)? poker uvl-descriptionincomplete
Casino Kid (100 Man $ Kid: Maboroshi no Teiou Hen;100万$キッド 幻の帝王編)  Sofel (Sofel)1989 blackjack21 consoleclassix currency poker roulette savepassword slotmachine versionvariations
Poker III (樸克 3;Poker III: 5 in 1;5 in 1) Sachen (Sachen)1990 poker
Olympic IQ (奧林匹克IQ) Sachen (Sachen)1991 poker uvl-descriptionincomplete
Peek-A-Boo Poker (Poker;AV Poker)  Panesian;Hacker International (Hacker International;Panesian)1991 earth latemodernperiod naturalistic noasin nudity poker porn present realworld traditional
Caesar's Palace (Caesars Palace)  Virgin (Virgin Interactive;Realtime Associates)1992 blackjack21 poker roulette slotmachine
Casino Kid II (Ca$ino Kid 2;C♠sino Kid II)  Sofel (Sofel)1993 africa asia asia-east asia-south australia blackjack21 brazil canada china consoleclassix england europe india japan nigeria northamerica poker roulette russia savepassword southamerica usa