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8 Eyes (エイト・アイズ;Eight Eyes;8 Eye's)  Seta;Taxan (Thinking Rabbit)1988 achillesheelfoes africa arabia birds bombs boomerangs bossbattles bossrush castle chiroptera consoleclassix demons ducks earth egypt enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons fish future germany ghosts giantinsects handguns heads india italy jumping knights knives magicaltechnology meleeweapons movingplatforms mp-cooperative mutants newgameplus notnintendocontentguid postapocalypse potions savepassword score secrets skeletons spain swords technomagic thermalweapons thrownweapons undead walking
Prince of Persia  Microprose;Virgin;Playtronic (Motivetime)1992 antiquity arabianfantasy arabiannights cinematicplatformer did itemget ledges meleeweapons noaircontrol oldarabian-theme pop-original potions princeofpersia realtimelimit rescue savepassword semiteprotagonist simulacrums skeletons