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Binary Land (バイナリィランド)  Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft)1985 ♫jeteveux ♫odetojoy 3dsvirtualconsole birdprotagonist nohumans penguin score spiders timelimit walking wiivirtualconsole
Super Pitfall (スーパーピットフォール)  Pony Canyon;Activision (Micronics)1986 ammomagazines blacksheep chiroptera consoleclassix deathpits electriceels elevators firearms frog goldbars instantdeath ladders lives moaifigures nofalldamage pitfallseries ropeswinging score scorpions secrets snakes southamerica spiders subterranean superpitfallengine swimming walking
Adventure Island (Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima;高橋名人の冒険島;Adventure Island Classic)  Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft;Westone)1986 adventureisland birds bossbattles chiroptera consoleclassix did elevators fish forest frog island lives nofalldamage octopus rescue score skateboard snails snakes spiders subterranean thrownweapons walking wiiuvirtualconsole wiivirtualconsole wonderboy
Hottaman no Chisoko Tanken (ホッターマンの地底探検;Hotterman no Chiteitanken)  Use (Use)1986 ants beetles bombs centipedes crabs digging doors instantdeath keys scorpions spiders subterranean swimming teleporters walking
Takeshi no Chousenjou (たけしの挑戦状;Takeshi's Challenge)  Taito (Taito)1986 birds cave city civilianprotagonist currency hangglider inventory island japan pachinko pacificocean pirates playertaunting primates realprotagonist scorpions shopping singing skeletons snakes spiders unarmedfighting ursines walking
Deadly Towers (魔鐘;Mashō;Mashou;Hell's Bells)  Brøderbund;Irem (Lenar)1986 amoeboids bc30thcentury bossbattles bossrush censored chiroptera consoleclassix constructionsite copperage currency dawnofanewage difficulty-single earth ghosts hard inventory keep ladders mapdeficient monsters noports projectilelimit savepassword scorpions secrets secrets-mandatory secrets-spots shopping snakes spiders stoneage subterranean swords walking
Seikima II: Akuma no Gyakushuu (聖飢魔II 悪魔の逆襲)  Sony (ISCO)1986 cemetery claiming forest jumping moneybags monsters musicband nofalldamage rescue score snakes spiders thrownweapons upgradesystem walking
Hi no Tori: Gaou no Bouken (火の鳥 鳳凰編 我王の冒険;Hi no Tori: Houou-hen: Gaou no Bouken)  Konami (Konami)1987 amoeboids birds bossbattles deathpits dinosaurs fish forest foxes manga moaifigures monsters mountain nofalldamage osamutezuka score snakes spiders testudines thrownweapons walking wintery
Dragon Buster (ドラゴンバスター)  Namco (Namco;Tose)1987 bossbattles cave chiroptera dragons ladders magic meleeweapons midairjumping monsters mystics nofalldamage rescue skeletons snakes spiders subterranean swords walking zombies
Pocket Zaurus: Juu Ouken no Nazo (ポケットザウルス 十王剣の謎;Pocket Zaurus: Ju Ouken no Nazo)  Bandai (Tose)1987 boomerangs bossbattles dinosaurs egyptian-theme grecoromanmythology ladders lives monsters nofalldamage prehistoric-theme rescue score sharks snakes spiders swimming thrownweapons timetravel walking
Mickey Mousecapade (ミッキーマウス: 不思議の国の大冒険;Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no Kuni do Daibouken;Mickey Mouse)  Capcom;Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft)1987 animateobjects anthroprotagonist birds consoleclassix crossover disney domesticcats fish forest ladders lives mickeymouse mouseprotagonist nofalldamage pirates refaliceinwonderland rodentprotagonist score scorpions snakes spiders uvl-tiein
The Goonies II (The Goonies 2;The Goonies II - Fratelli Saigo no Chousen;グーニーズ2 フラッテリー最後の挑戦)  Konami (Konami)1987 boomerangs chiroptera consoleclassix crabs dragons fish ghosts inventory ladders metroidvania movingplatforms nofalldamage octopus penguin savepassword scorpions secrets sharks slings snakes spiders subterranean underwaterdiving ursines uvl-tiein walking walruses yo-yo
Lost Word of JeNnY: Ushinawareta Message (失われたメッセージ ロストワード・オブ・ジェニー)  Takara (Tose)1987 aliens ants cemetery chiroptera crocodiles deathpits dogs dragons femaleprotagonist jetpack knights ladders lives mice monsters movingplatforms mummies nofalldamage pirates score spiders unarmedfighting uvl-tiein vampires walking witches
Athena (アテナ)  SNK (Micronics)1987 achillesheelfoes athena-series bossbattles consoleclassix destructibleenvironment femaleprotagonist godlingprotagonist knockback lives monsters nofalldamage score secrets shapeshifters shapeshifting spiders timelimit underwater
Getsufuu Maden (Getsu Fūma Den;Getsu Fuu Maden;月風魔伝;Getsufuuma Densetsu;The Legend of Getsu Fūma;Getsu Fuu Ma Den)  Konami (Konami)1987 146thcentury adbc amoeboids bossbattles bossrush currency deathpits demons distantfuture dungeon earth elementals fantasticearth future futureearth giantanimals heads inventory lives meleeweapons monsters movingplatforms ninja nofalldamage npcspawning postmodernage samurai savepassword scorpions shopping skeletons snails spiders squid swords thrownweapons undead
Majou Densetsu II: Daimashikyou Galious (魔城伝説Ⅱ 大魔司教ガリウス;Knightmare II: Maze of Galious)  Konami (Konami)1987 birds bossbattles cartoonbones chiroptera containers destructibleenvironment dragons fish grecoromanmythology keep knightmare-series knockback ladders monsters movingplatforms multiprotagonists nofalldamage octopus porcupines secrets skeletons spiders swords undead witches
Spelunker II: Yuushahe no Chousen (スペランカー2 勇者への挑戦;Spelunker II: Yūsha e no Chōsen)  Irem (Now Production)1987 adventurerprotagonist bossbattles falldamage firearms forest ghosts keys knives knockback ladders meleeweapons movingplatforms mysticprotagonist psychics spelunker-series spiders subterranean swimming swords titularcharacter undead zombies
Millipede (ミリピード 巨大昆虫の逆襲;Milli-Pede:巨大昆虫の逆襲;Millipede: Kyodai Konchuu no Gyakushuu)  HAL Laboratory;HAL America (HAL Laboratory)1987 bees beetles centipede consoleclassix dragonflies earwigs endless fixedshooter instantdeath lives millipedes mosquitoes nintendo4atarichristmas score spiders worms
Wizards & Warriors (伝説の騎士エルロンド;Densetsu no Kishi Elrond)  Acclaim (Rare)1987 ants bossbattles castle chiroptera claiming consoleclassix did forest keys lives monsters rescue score spiders stereo subterranean swords thrownweapons wizardsandwarriors
Rambo (ランボー)  Acclaim Entertainment;Pack-in-Video (Pack-in-Video)1987 4thwallbroken ballistics birds bossbattles chiroptera consoleclassix firearms fish giantspiders grenades gunblades helicopters humans knives lamp machineguns movie notnintendocontentguid primates rambo rescue savepassword snakes spiders tigers vietnam xp-kills
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde;īkiru Hakase no Hōma ga Toki;ジーキル博士の彷魔が刻;Houma ga Toki)  Toho;Bandai (Advance Communication Company)1988 ♫mendelssohnwedding 19thcentury birds book britain cemetery consoleclassix dogs domesticcats drjekyllandmrhyde england insects monsters multipleendings spiders
Deep Dungeon III: Yuushi Heno Tabi (ディープダンジョンIII 勇士への旅;Deep Dungeon 3;Deep Dungeon III: Yūshi e no Tabi)  Square (Hummingbird Soft)1988 combatmode deepdungeon-series demons dungeoncrawler encounters-random giantinsects giants gridmove magic meleeweapons menus monsters mystics shields shopping skeletons spiders swords undead ursines xp-kills
Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou (忍者くん 阿修羅ノ章;Ninja Boy 2;Ninja Taro)  UPL (UPL)1988 bossbattles chiroptera crocodiles falldamage fish lives ninja ninjakun-series ninjaprotagonist octopus score skeletons spiders throwingstars thrownweapons timelimit undead underwater underwaterdiving wallclimbing walljumping wiivirtualconsole
Super Black Onyx (The Black Onyx;スーパーブラックオニキス)  Bullet-Proof Software (Bullet-Proof Software)1988 amoeboids chiroptera combatmode demons dragons dungeoncrawler ghouls giants goblins gorillas gridmove kobolds magic monsters orcs party saveram scorpions shopping skeletons snakes spiders undead vampires wolves zombies
Xexyz (亀の恩返し・ウラシマ伝説;亀の恩返し・ウラシマ伝説;Kame no Ongaeshi: Urashima Densetsu)  Hudson Soft (Atlus)1988 bossbattles consoleclassix deathpits did fish lives monsters nofalldamage powerups rescue robots savepassword score shopping spiders versionvariations