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Field Combat (フィールドコンバット)  Jaleco (Tose)1985 3dsvirtualconsole helicopters lives score tanks wiiuvirtualconsole wiivirtualconsole
Battle City (バトルシティー)  Namco (Namco)1985 destructibleenvironment endless instantdeath leveleditor lives mp-cooperative powerups score tank tanks wiivirtualconsole
Sky Kid (スカイキッド)  Namco;Sunsoft (Namco)1986 aeroplane anthroprotagonist birdprotagonist instantdeath lives mp-cooperative progressleft score tanks wiivirtualconsole
Ikari Warriors (怒;Ikari)  SNK;K Amusement Leasing (Micronics)1986 consoleclassix firearms grenades helicopters ikariwarriors jungle mp-cooperative rescue runandgun score tanks tropic
Tiger-Heli (Tiger Heli;タイガーヘリ)  Pony Canyon;Acclaim Entertainment (Micronics)1986 aerodyne consoleclassix endless helicopter instantdeath powerups rotorcraft score scrollingshooter smartbomb tanks
King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch (キングコング2 怒りのメガトンパンチ)  Konami (Konami)1986 amoeboids bossbattles city clams deathpits destructibleenvironment did dragons giantscorpions giantspiders giantwasps helicopters jumping killerwhales moaifigures monsters mountain movie npcspawning primateprotagonist rescue tanks thrownweapons unarmedfighting walking
Breakthru (Break Thru!)  Data East (Data East)1987 airport bridge city consoleclassix driving helicopters instantdeath lives mountain plains score tanks
Metal Gear (メタルギア;메탈 기어)  Konami;Ultra Games;Playtronic (Konami)1987 alternatetimeline bossbattles consoleclassix earth firearms metalgear notnintendocontentguid rescue savepassword scorpions smokes southafrica stealth stealthgame tanks
Vindicators  Tengen (Tengen)1988 consoleclassix lives mp-cooperative score shopping tank tanks
Paris-Dakar Rally Special! (パリ・ダカール・ラリー・スペシャル)  Sony (ISCO)1988 africa birds camels city-paris-fr city-tokyo-jp dakarrally deathpits europe fish helicopters japan lives octopus rally scorpions sharks tanks timelimit underwater wasteland
Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy (グレートタンク;Great Tank)  SNK (SNK)1988 1940s 20thcentury 2ndmillennium bossbattles consoleclassix europe france lives savepassword score tank tanks war worldwar2
Famicom Wars (ファミコンウォーズ)  Nintendo (Intelligent Systems)1988 3dsvirtualconsole firstpartytitle grid grid-square nintendowars saveram tanks wargame wiiuvirtualconsole wiivirtualconsole
Jackal  Konami;Playtronic (Konami)1988 bossbattles consoleclassix driving helicopters lives militantprotagonist mp-cooperative rescue score tanks
Daisenryaku (大戦略)  Bothtec (Quest)1988 daisenryaku grid grid-hex helicopters tanks wargame
Airwolf (エアーウルフ)  Kyugo Boueki (Kyugo Boueki)1988 bossbattles helicopter helicopters lives score scrollingshooter tanks tvseries uvl-confusable
Guerilla War (ゲバラ;Guevara War;Guerrilla War)  SNK (SNK)1988 bossbattles cheguevara consoleclassix fidelcastro firearms flamethrowers grenades helicopters lives mp-cooperative powerups runandgun score socialistprotagonist tanks unrestrictedviolence
Sky Shark  Taito (Software Creations)1989 aerodyne aeroplane consoleclassix lives score scrollingshooter tanks
F-15 City War  American Video Entertainment;Milmar Indústria;Gluk;HES (American Video Entertainment;Idea-Tek)1990 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f15-eagle consoleclassix fighteraircraft giantrobots helicopters tanks
Heavy Barrel (ヘビーバレル)  Data East (Data East)1990 bossbattles firearms grenades helicopters lives mp-cooperative powerups runandgun score tanks uvl-sku walking
Silkworm (Silk Worm)  American Sammy (American Sammy)1990 aerodyne bossbattles consoleclassix helicopter jeep lives mp-cooperative powerups rotorcraft score scrollingshooter tanks
Garry Kitchen's Battletank (Battle Tank)  Absolute Entertainment (Imagineering)1990 consoleclassix radar tank tanks
Metal Mech: Man & Machine (Metal Mech;Metal Flame: Psybuster;Metal Flame PsyBuster;メタルフレーム サイバスター;金屬戰士;メタルフレーム サイバスター)  Jaleco Entertainment (Sculptured Software)1990 mecha tanks walker