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Hiryu no Ken: Ougi no Shou (Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll;飛龍の拳 奥義の書;Hiryuu no Ken: Ougi no Shou)  Culture Brain (Culture Brain)1987 consoleclassix deathpits enemyhealthdisplay hiryunoken martialarts score timelimit tutorial unarmedfighting wiiuvirtualconsole
Bad Street Brawler  Mattel (Beam International)1989 city consoleclassix dogs earth enemyhealthdisplay fictionalcity lives musicianprotagonist northamerica outlaws powerglove primates score timelimit tutorial unarmedfighting usa
Rampart (ランパート) Konami (Konami;Tengen)1991 destructibleenvironment difficulty lighthearted openfield ramparts savepassword towerdefense toweroffense tutorial