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Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia (ディーヴァ ストーリー6 ナーサティアの玉座;Daiva Story 6 Nirsartia no Gyokuza)  Toshiba EMI (T&E Soft)1986 bossbattles daiva-series grid grid-square mecha savepassword space war
Napoleon Senki (ナポレオン戦記;Battles of Napoleon;Battlefields of Napoleon)  Irem (Lenar)1988 18thcentury 19thcentury ageofrevolution combatmode earlymodernperiod earth europe napoleonicwars war
Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy (グレートタンク;Great Tank)  SNK (SNK)1988 1940s 20thcentury 2ndmillennium bossbattles consoleclassix europe france lives savepassword score tank tanks war worldwar2
North & South (North and South;North & South: Wakuwaku Nanbouku Sensou;ノース&サウスわくわく南北戦争)  Kemco;Imagineer (Seika)1990 1860s 19thcentury 2ndmillennium americancivilwar bridge civilwar combatmode comic consoleclassix earth europeancomic naturalistic northamerica overworld past war
L'Empereur (ランペルール)  Koei (Koei)1991 18thcentury 19thcentury ageofrevolution earlymodernperiod earth europe napoleonicwars saveram war
Navy Blue (ネイビーブルー)  I'Max (Use)1992 20thcentury 2ndmillennium battleshipgame earth fogofwar grid grid-square langinsignificant latemodernperiod militantprotagonist naturalistic naval ocean traditional war warfare-sea warship warships watercraft-large