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Attack on Kixi G. Morgan Software? fixedshooter score
3D Invaders (Invaders)  IJK Software1983 cassette fixedshooter lives score
Centipede  PSS1983 cassette centipede fixedshooter lives score
Delta Force 4 (Space Invasion) Emerald Software1983 fixedshooter
Galaxians Softek1983 cassette fixedshooter lives score
Galaxion Loriciels1983 cassette commercial fixedshooter joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives score
Gastronon  Loriciels1983 cassette fixedshooter score
Oric Invaders Arcadia Software1983 fixedshooter score
The Ultra  PSS1983 cassette fixedshooter lives score
Titan  Infogrames1984 fixedshooter
Cobra Invader ?1985 fixedshooter