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HYPERTENSION 3dfx Development;Diehard GameFAN (TDGMods;Chaos Software)? cdrom firstpersonshooter todo-verifyexistence
Midnight Raiders Sega (Sega)? cancelled CDROM
Surgical Strike Sega (Sega)? CDROM prototype
Wire Head Sega (Sega)? cancelled CDROM
Corpse Killer (コープスキラー)  Digital Pictures;Acclaim? (Digital Pictures)1994 6buttonarcadepad cdrom lightgun militantprotagonist undead zombies
Night Trap  Digital Pictures;Acclaim Entertainment (Digital Pictures)1994 6buttonarcadepad cdrom digitizedvideo liveactors offscreenaction unattendedevents
Slam City with Scottie Pippen  Acclaim (Digital Pictures)1994 basketball CDROM professionalathlete
Supreme Warrior (Dai Bing)  Acclaim;Digital Pictures (Digital Pictures)1994 6buttonarcadepad CDROM
Golf Magazine Presents 36 Greatest Holes of Golf Starring Fred Couples (Fred Couples Golf;Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes;36グレイトホーズ)  Sega (Flashpoint)1994 6buttonarcadepad cdrom golf professionalathlete rating-esrb-ka rating-sr-allages
Fahrenheit  Sega (Sega)1995 cdrom difficulty firefighters rescue timelimit