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Aladdin (Disney's Aladdin;アラジン)  Capcom (Capcom)1993 aladdin apples cave consoleclassix disney giantsnakes movie savepassword
BlackThorne (Blackhawk)  Interplay;Virgin;Kemco (Blizzard)1994 actionadventure aimdirlimit bombs cave cinematicplatformer consoleclassix coversystem displacementfiction elevators fallbackweapon falldamage fallimpact firearms fromanotherworld healingitems highbornprotagonist inventory itempickup-normal jumping ladders ledges lowfantasy lutris monsters neutralnpcs noaircontrol orcs potions prison savepassword sciencefantasy serious shotguns slavery stationaryattack subterranean tumbling tutorial unrestrictedviolence walking
Donkey Kong Country (Super Donkey Kong;スーパードンキーコング;超级大金刚)  Nintendo (Rare)1994 alligators anthroprotagonist bananas butterflies cave characterswitch consoleclassix donkeykong factory firstpartytitle fish forest frog giantinsects giantwasps gorillas jumping jungle lives minecarts parrots primateprotagonist primates rhinoceroses ropeswinging saveram secrets secrets-falling sharks snakes snesclassic subterranean treetoptown tropic tumbling underwater unusualmounts wiivirtualconsole wintery
Breath of Fire II (ブレスオブファイアII;Breath of Fire 2;BoF2;Breath of Fire II: Shimei no Ko;ブレス オブ ファイア2 -使命の子-)  Capcom (Capcom)1994 amnesia amoeboids anuroids arena bellyofawhale bossbattles breathoffire caninoids cave circadiancycle combatmode consoleclassix cooking criticalchance crossbows dragons dragons-western encounters-random ether felinoids fishing forest fusionmode giantinsects harpies hunting initiative lastofakind magic magicrings maleprotagonist mandatoryloss mountain naga orphanprotagonist overworld paletteswapping possessed premadeprotagonist primates ragtaggang rating-esrb-e religion restaurant resting saveram school shopping stash staves supermode swords temple timechange town wasteland whips wiivirtualconsole wingedhumanoids witches xp-kills