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ActRaiser (アクトレイザー)  Enix (Quintet)1990 actraiser angels bossbattles bossrush censored centaurs consoleclassix demons deuteragonist difficulty flying forest godgame godlingprotagonist grecoroman incarnateddivines inventory island jumping lives magic meleeweapons monsters multiphased multisequence possession premadeprotagonist saveram subterranean swords timelimit unusualprotagonist walking wiivirtualconsole
Populous (ポピュラス)  Imagineer;Acclaim Entertainment (Infinity)1990 consoleclassix godgame naturaldisasters populous savepassword
Mega-Lo-Mania  Imagineer (Sensible Software)1993 acrossages godgame mouse resourceharvesting
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods  Bullfrog;EA;Imagineer (Bullfrog;EA;Imagineer)1993 godgame mouse populous
ActRaiser 2 (ActRaiser 2: Chinmoku e no Seisen;アクトレイザー2 沈黙への聖戦)  Enix (Quintet)1993 actraiser bossbattles demons flying godgame godlingprotagonist grecoroman jumping meleeweapons monsters multiphased multisequence noconsoleclassix savepassword swords unusualprotagonist walking