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Hit the Ice  Taito;Williams (Taito;Williams)1992 consoleclassix hockey
NHLPA Hockey '93  EA Sports;Electronic Arts (Park Place Productions)1992 consoleclassix hockey nhl savepassword
USA Ice Hockey Jaleco1993 hockey icehockey
NHL Stanley Cup (Super Hockey)  Nintendo (Sculptured Software)1993 consoleclassix hockey icehockey mode7 saveram
Super Slapshot  Ringler Studios;Virgin1993 consoleclassix hockey savepassword
NHL 94 (NHLPA Hockey '94)  EA Sports (EA Canada)1993 consoleclassix hockey uvl-workingtitle
Brett Hull Hockey  Accolade;Radica (Radical Entertainment)1993 consoleclassix hockey icehockey professionalathlete savepassword
NHL 95  Electronic Arts (Visual Concepts)1994 consoleclassix hockey nhl savepassword xband
Street Hockey '95  GTE (GTE Interactive Media)1994 consoleclassix hockey savepassword streetgame streethockey
Super Ice Hockey  Espal;Sunsoft;Yonezawa (Espal;Sunsoft;Yonezawa)1994 hockey icehockey
ESPN National Hockey Night  Sony Imagesoft1994 consoleclassix espn hockey
Pro Sport Hockey  Jaleco (Jaleco)1994 consoleclassix hockey saveram
Brett Hull Hockey '95 (Brett Hull Hockey 95)  Accolade;Radica (Radical Entertainment)1994 consoleclassix hockey icehockey professionalathlete
NHL 96  EA Sports (High Score Productions)1995 consoleclassix hockey nhl xband
RHI: Roller Hockey 95  ? (?)1995 hockey
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars  Time Warner (Time Warner)1995 consoleclassix hockey icehockey nhl professionalathlete
NHL 97  EA Sports (Black Pearl Software)1996 consoleclassix hockey
NHL 98  EA Sports (EA Sports)1997 consoleclassix hockey