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Popeye  ? (?)? cartoon claiming comic harmfultouch instantdeath ladders lives popeye score
Mario Brothers (Mario Bros.;Mr. Bross;Popey)  Section 9 (Section 9)198? instantdeath lives mario mario-universe score testudines
Galaxions (Galaxia)  Solar Software (Solar Software)1984 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Hoppit (Hopp-It;Sprungbereit)  Tynesoft (Tynesoft)1984 amphibianprotagonist animalprotagonist deadlywater frog froggerlike instantdeath lives timelimit
Invaders  Commodore (Commodore)1984 alieninvasion fixedshooter instantdeath lives
Joe and the Serif (Joe and the Sheriff)  mikronika (Puhasoft)1984 ammomagazines asymmetricresources cassette chickens commercial fixedshooter gunslingers instantdeath keyboard langhungarian lawenforcerprotagonist license-proprietary lives mp-asymmetric noalternatives noscore nplayers outlawprotagonist reload-manual reload-phased score scoreoriented unlimitedammo western
Minipedes  Anirog (Anirog)1984 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score snails spiders
Space Sweep (Space Craft)  Commodore (Mr. Micro)1984 2370s 24thcentury 3rdmillennium alieninvasion assemblylang cassette darkspace endless fuel future instantdeath lives space
Airwolf (Airwolf 16)  Elite (Elite)1985 aerodyne caveflying helicopter instantdeath rescue rotorcraft score subterranean tvseries
Alien Attack  Solar Software (Solar Software)1985 alieninvasion darkspace fixedshooter instantdeath lives score space
Asteroid Belt  Bug-Byte;Argus Press (Bug-Byte;Argus Press)1985 asteroids instantdeath lives score
Astro Plumber (Manómánia;Marci A Benzinkutas;Menõ Jenõ)  Blue Ribbon (Blue Ribbon)1985 asphyxiation instantdeath ladders lives score
Cyborg (Blaster)  Rino Marketing (Rino Marketing)1985 arenashooter instantdeath lives score
Destructor  Bug-Byte (Bug-Byte)1985 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Galaxy (Pulsar)  Kingsoft;Anirog (Kingsoft;Anirog)1985 fixedshooter fuel instantdeath lives score
Gullwing Falcon  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1985 aliens instantdeath lives score timelimit
Invasion 2000 A.D. (Invasion Force;Invasione;Invasione 2000)  Solar Software (Solar Software)1985 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Mission Mars  Solar Software (Solar Software)1985 instantdeath lives score
Pacmania (Wild Western)  Mr. Chip Software (Mr. Chip Software)1985 claiming instantdeath lives pacmanlike score
Pilot X (Pilot-X)  Kingsoft;Anco Software (Kingsoft;Anco Software)1985 instantdeath lives
Raider (Axxon)  RazorSoft (RazorSoft)1985 fuel instantdeath lives score
Roller Kong  Melbourne House (Melbourne House)1985 did elevators falldamage instantdeath ladders lives rescue spiders walking
Spectipede (Centipede)  Mastertronic;Armati (Mastertronic;Armati)1985 centipede fixedshooter instantdeath lives
Suicide Run  Solar Software (Solar Software)1985 instantdeath lives mars
Transector  Bug-Byte;Argus Press (Bug-Byte;Argus Press)1985 instantdeath lives score