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Enterprise  ? (?)19?? space startrek tvseries
Star Trek  author (author)19?? space startrek tvseries
Star Trek (Startrek;Star Trek 2)  ? (?)19?? space startrek tvseries
Super Star Trek (Supertrek)  ? (?)19?? space startrek tvseries
Airwolf (Airwolf 16)  Elite (Elite)1985 aerodyne caveflying helicopter instantdeath rescue rotorcraft score subterranean tvseries
Star Trek (Star Trek C16)  ? (?)1985 space startrek tvseries typein
Star Trek I  ? (?)1986 space startrek tvseries
Star Trek  Kipe Software (Kipe Software)1987 langhungarian space startrek tvseries
Airwolf 2  Elite (Elite)1989 aerodyne alieninvasion helicopter instantdeath progressleft rotorcraft score tvseries