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Lode Runner  Brøderbund;Atari (Brøderbund;Atari)1986 cartridge claiming digging instantdeath ladders lives loderunner prototype score trapping
Ms. Pac-Man (Ms. Pac Man 320)  Atari (Atari)1987 apples assemblylang bananas cherries claiming femaleprotagonist ghosts instantdeath launchtitle license-proprietary lives pacman pacmanlike peaches pears pokey pretzels score sourcecodeavailable strawberries tramiel xmexpansion
Crystal Castles (CRYSTL78) Atari (Atari)1988 anthroprotagonist claiming instantdeath lives prototype score ursineprotagonist walking
Donkey Kong (Pokey Kong)  Atari (Atari)1988 animals bludgeons cartoon constructionsite did donkeykong earth elevators harmfultouch instantdeath jumping ladders langinsignificant lethalobjects lives mario mario-universe pokey powerups primates rescue score walking xmexpansion
Donkey Kong Jr. (Donkey Kong Junior)  Atari (Atari)1988 cartoon deadlywater donkeykong falldamage instantdeath jumppads ladders lives mario mario-universe primateprotagonist rescue score
Mario Bros.  Atari (ITDC)1988 crabs endless instantdeath mario mario-universe score testudines
Commando  Atari (Sculptured Software)1989 firearms grenades instantdeath lives militantprotagonist pokey runandgun score