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Space Wars  Cinematronics1977 asteroids cinematronicsvector-hw darkspace space
Barrier  Vectorbeam;Cinematronics (Vectorbeam;Cinematronics)1979 cinematronicsvector-hw mame verticalscreen
Star Hawk  Cinematronics (Cinematronics)1979 cinematronicsvector-hw
Sundance  Cinematronics1979 cinematronicsvector-hw mame
Tailgunner  Cinematronics1979 cinematronicsvector-hw mame
Warrior  Vectorbeam (Vectorbeam)1979 cinematronicsvector-hw mame
Speed Freak  Vectorbeam (Vectorbeam)1979 car cattle cinematronicsvector-hw dodging driving earth humans landvehicle langinsignificant latemodernperiod mame score serious spectacularcrash timelimit traffic wheeledvehicle
Armor Attack  Cinematronics (Cinematronics)1980 arenashooter cinematronicsvector-hw horizontalscreen mame tank tanks
Rip Off  Cinematronics (Cinematronics)1980 cinematronicsvector-hw mame
Star Castle  Cinematronics (Cinematronics)1980 cinematronicsvector-hw horizontalscreen mame
Boxing Bugs  Cinematronics (Cinematronics)1981 cinematronicsvector-hw mame
Solar Quest  Cinematronics (Cinematronics)1981 cinematronicsvector-hw
War of the Worlds  Cinematronics (Cinematronics)1981 cinematronicsvector-hw mame
Demon  Rock-Ola;Cinematronics (Rock-Ola;Cinematronics)1982 cinematronicsvector-hw mame
QB-3  Rock-Ola (Rock-Ola)1982 cinematronicsvector-hw mame prototype