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Space Intruder  Shoei (Shoei)? astinvad-hw fixedshooter mame verticalscreen
Space Invaders  Taito;Bally Midway (Taito;Bally Midway)1978 alieninvasion aliens cover cover-destructible fixedshooter instantdeath killerapp lives mame score spaceinvadersseries taito8080bw-hw verticalscreen
Space Stranger  Yachiyo Electronics (Yachiyo Electronics)1978 fixedshooter mame
Super Invader Attack (The Invaders)  Zaccaria;Zelco1978 fixedshooter
Andromeda  Irem (Irem)1979 fixedshooter iremm11-hw mame verticalscreen
Astro Fighter  Data East;Zaccaria (Data East;Zaccaria)1979 dataeastm6502-hw fixedshooter mame verticalscreen
Cosmic Alien  Universal (Universal)1979 fixedshooter mame universal79-hw
Cosmic Guerilla  Universal (Universal)1979 fixedshooter mame universal79-hw
Cosmo  TDS & Mints (TDS & Mints)1979 fixedshooter mame taito8080bw-hw
Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFO  Artic (Artic)1979 fixedshooter mame namcogalaxian-hw
Galaxian  Bally Midway;Namco (Bally Midway;Namco)1979 endless fixedshooter instantdeath lives mame namcogalaxian-hw score space verticalscreen
Invaders Revenge  Zenitone;Microtec (Zenitone;Microtec)1979 fixedshooter mame taito8080bw-hw
Invinco  Sega (Sega)1979 fixedshooter mame segavicdual-hw
IPM Invader  Irem (Irem)1979 fixedshooter iremm10-hw mame verticalscreen
Moon Alpha (Moon Alfa?)  Nichibutsu (Nichibutsu)1979 fixedshooter nomame verticalscreen
Moon Raker  Nichibutsu (Nichibutsu)1979 fixedshooter nomame verticalscreen
Ozma Wars  SNK (SNK)1979 fixedshooter mame taito8080bw-hw verticalscreen
Sky Love  OEM;Omori (OEM;Omori)1979 fixedshooter taito8080bw-hw
Space Attack  Sega (Sega)1979 fixedshooter mame segavicdual-hw
Space Beam  Irem (Irem)1979 fixedshooter iremm15-hw mame
Space Fever  Nintendo (Nintendo)1979 fixedshooter mame
Space Fever High Splitter  Nintendo (Nintendo)1979 fixedshooter mame
Space Invaders Part II (Space Invaders Deluxe)  Taito;Bally Midway (Taito;Bally Midway)1979 alieninvasion fixedshooter mame spaceinvadersseries verticalscreen
Space King 2  Konami (Konami)1979 astinvad-hw fixedshooter mame
Space Stranger 2  Yachiyo Electronics (Yachiyo Electronics)1979 fixedshooter mame