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3*3 Puzzle  ? (?)? fallingblocks mame
7 e Mezzo  ? (?)? horizontalscreen mame
Astropal  Sidam (Sidam)? mame taito8080bw-hw
Black Touch  Yang Gi Co (Yang Gi Co)? dynax-hw mahjong mame
Born to Fight  Electronic Devices;International Games (Electronic Devices;International Games)? mame
Bygone  ? (?)? mame
Cannon Ball  Novomatic (Novomatic)? crazyclimber-hw mame pacman-hw
Champion Skill ?? mame
Clay Buster ? (?)? mame
Crowns Golf in Hawaii  Sega;Kitcorp (Nasco Japan)? golf mame
Dottori Kun ?? mame
Double Dealer  ? (?)? mame
Dr. Tomy  PlayMark (PlayMark)? mame
Dynamic Dice ?? mame
Filetto  ? (?)? mame
Funcube 5  Namco (Namco)? horizontalscreen mame
Gallop Racer 3  Tecmo (Tecmo)? horizontalscreen horseracing mame zn1-hw
Golden Star  ?? mame
Gun Champ  ? (?)? mame
Hexa  D.R.Korea (D.R.Korea)? mame taitoarkanoid-hw
Magic Bubble  Yun Sung (Yun Sung)? mame yunsung16-hw
Mahjong Channel Zoom-In  Jaleco (Jaleco)? mame
Mahjong Daireikai  ? (?)? mahjong mame
Mahjong Kakumei  Jaleco (Jaleco)? mahjong mame
Mahjong Uchuu yori Ai wo komete ?? mame