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Bosconian  Bally Midway;Namco (Bally Midway;Namco)1981 horizontalscreen mame namco3xz80-hw scrollingshooter spacecraft-small
Galaga  Bally Midway (Namco)1981 bonusstages capturedresources fixedshooter gameplayinn lives mame namco3xz80-hw score verticalscreen waves
Xevious (ゼビウス)  Atari;Namco (Atari;Namco)1982 bossbattles instantdeath juggernauts lives mame namco3xz80-hw nazcalines score scrollingshooter secondaryattack verticalscreen xevious
Dig Dug (ディグダグ)  Atari;Namco (Atari;Namco)1982 bug-overflow digdug digging killscreen lives mame namco3xz80-hw score subterranean verticalscreen wiivirtualconsole
Super Xevious  Namco (Namco)1984 bossbattles juggernauts lives mame namco3xz80-hw nazcalines scrollingshooter secondaryattack verticalscreen xevious