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Ninja-kun: Majou no Bouken (Ninja Kid;忍者くん 魔城の冒険)  Taito (UPL)1984 castle lives mame mountain ninja ninjakun-series ninjaprotagonist nofalldamage score thrownweapons timelimit
Teddy Boy Blues - Yohko Ishino (テディボーイ・ブルース / 石野陽子)  Sega1985 claiming horizontalscreen instantdeath jumping levelselection lives mame nofalldamage segasystem1-hw timelimit wrappingworld
Solar-Warrior (Xain'D Sleena;Solar Warrior;Soldier of Light)  Taito (Technos)1986 bossbattles energyweapons giantmonsters horizontalscreen jumping levelselection lives mame midairjumping nofalldamage robots runandgun score walking
Solomon's Key (Solomon no Kagi;ソロモンの鍵)  Tecmo1986 europeanfae ghosts instantdeath keys lives magic mame monsters nofalldamage npcspawning score secrets timelimit walking
Wonder Boy  Sega1986 birds bossbattles chiroptera did elevators fish forest frog island lives mame nofalldamage octopus rescue score segasystem1-hw segasystem2-hw skateboard snails snakes spiders subterranean thrownweapons walking wonderboy
Rainbow Islands (Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2)  Taito1987 alone bossbattles bubblebobble horizontalscreen hugeheads jovial lives mame nofalldamage score timelimit verticalplatformer
Wonder Boy in Monster Land  Sega (Westone)1987 bossbattles horizontalscreen mame meleeweapons nofalldamage score segasystem2-hw shopping snakes swords timelimit wonderboy