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Jikkyou J-League Perfect Striker  Konami (Konami)1996 soccer
J-League Eleven Beat 97  Hudson (Hudson)1997 soccer
FIFA Soccer 64 (FIFA 64)  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1997 fifa fifa-series noconsoleclassix platformreference soccer uvl-missingimages
J-League Live 64 (JリーグLIVE64)  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts Victor)1997 platformreference soccer
International Superstar Soccer 64 (ISS 64)  Konami (Konami OSA)1997 iss platformreference rating-esrb-e soccer
J-League Dynamite Soccer 64 (Jリーグダイナマイトサッカー64)  Imagineer (A-Max)1997 platformreference soccer
Jikkyou World Soccer 3 (実況ワールドサッカー3)  Konami (Major A)1997 iss soccer
FIFA '98: Road to the World Cup (FIFA: Road to the World Cup '98)  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1997 fifa fifa-series noconsoleclassix soccer worldchampionship
World Cup 98 (Coupe du Monde 98)  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1998 soccer worldchampionship
International Superstar Soccer '98 (Jikkyou World Soccer: World Cup France 1998;ISS 98)  Konami (KCEO)1998 iss rating-esrb-e soccer worldchampionship
FIFA '99  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1998 consoleclassix fifa fifa-series soccer
Major League Soccer Konami1999 soccer
Michael Owen's World League Soccer 2000 (Telefoot Soccer 2000;Michael Owen's WLS 2000;RTL WLS 2000)  THQ (Silicon Dreams)1999 professionalathlete soccer
J-League Tactics Soccer (Jリーグ タクティクス・サッカー)  ASCII (ASCII)1999 soccer
Jikkyou J-League 1999 Perfect Striker 2 (実況Jリーグ1999パーフェクトストライカー2)  Konami (Major A)1999 soccer
Premier Manager 64  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Interactive Limited)1999 platformreference premiermanager-series soccer
International Superstar Soccer 2000 (ISS 2000)  Konami (Konami OSA)2000 iss soccer
Mia Hamm 64 Soccer (Mia Hamm Soccer 64)  SouthPeak Games (Silicon Dreams)2000 platformreference professionalathlete soccer