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Ruby Robba Blaby (Blaby)1984 abstract abstract-location claiming claiming-lose difficulty explosives firearms grid grid-square guards joystick keyboard lives malevolentprotagonist puchwalls score snakes timelimit
Sam Sleuth (Sam Sleuth, Private Investigator) Computerware (Computerware)1984 5.25disk cassette city coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial difficulty firearms handguns indoors investigatorprotagonist joystick license-proprietary mouse outdoors reload-manual
The Wild West Novasoft (Novasoft)1986 19thcentury 2ndmillennium 5.25disk alcohol ambiguous-rifles climbing coco3 doors drinkingestablishment explosives firearms flipscreens gunslingers handguns horses indoors inventory inventory-disposable lamp lawenforcerprotagonist outdoors past reload-real riding saveanywhere score stealing stealth town wasteland western
Gate Crasher: The Party has Just Begun author;Tandy (author)1988 1life cyberpunk demo finiteammo firearms firstpersonshooter handguns hybridage-theme keyboard megacorps predictablenpcs score timelimit transhumanism
Rush'N Assault Diecom (Diecom)1988 5.25disk coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial did earth ending firearms grenades joystick license-proprietary lives mp-cooperative naturalistic rescue score tank walking
Super Pitfall Tandy (SRB Software)1988 blacksheep coco3 coco3enhanced commercial firearms goldbars joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives moaifigures music pitfallseries superpitfallengine
Robocop Data East;Tandy Corporation (ZCT Systems)1989 2040s 21stcentury 3rdmillennium bossbattles cartridge city city-detroit-mi coco3 coco3enhanced cybernetics cyberpunk cyborgprotagonist cyborgs display-160x200 earth firearms future handguns lawenforcerprotagonist megacorps movie naturalistic northamerica robocop robots score transhumanism voiceovers walking
The Contras Sundog Systems (Sundog Systems)1993 5.25disk coco3 commercial firearms joystick license-proprietary lives mp-cooperative music nplayers runandgun unfixedbugs walking