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Bugs Color Computer Magazine (Color Computer Magazine)1983 5.25disk cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 doors insects keyboard keys lives monsters score
Downland (Cavern Climber) Radio Shack;Tandy;Spectral Associates (Spectral Associates)1983 cartridge coco1 coco2 commercial doors drm joystick keys license-proprietary score
Sea Quest (Sea Search) Mark Data Products (Mark Data Products)1983 5.25disk beach cassette cave clams coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial earth fish humans indoors indulgence interactivefiction inventory keyboard keys ladders license-proprietary merfolk neutralnpcs outdoors pirates saveanywhere score sharks subterranean underwater walkingsimulator watercraft wordinput
Shamus  Synapse Software;Tandy (Synapse Software)1983 5.25disk cassette coco1 difficulty femaleauthor instantdeath joystick keys lives robots score
Time Bandit  Computer Shack;Michtron ( Computer Shack;Michtron)1983 5.25disk cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial exploration ingametitle joystick keyboard keys license-proprietary monsters score timetravel western
Chambers Tom Mix Software (Tom Mix Software)1984 5.25disk cassette commercial doors joystick keys license-proprietary lives mosters radar score
Gwana Bwana Datasoft;Tandy;Radio Shack (SRB Software)1984 5.25disk bows coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial display-256x192 joystick keyboard keys license-proprietary lives music nodrm radar score sharks voiceovers watercraft
Robin Hood Microdeal (Pocket Money Software)1984 castle deadlywater did doors earth england falldamage joystick jumping keyboard keys lives maleprotagonist moneybags movingplatforms rescue robinhood score timelimit walking
Cave Walker Tandy (Spectral Associates)1986 cartridge coc2 coco1 coco3 coco3enhanced doors inventory joystick keys score
Gantelet II Diecom (Diecom)1988 3ormoreplayers 5.25disk coco3 commercial dandylike death doors ghosts hunger joystick keyboard keys license-proprietary mp-cooperative
The Quest for Thelda: A Journey into Adventure Sundog Systems (Sundog Systems)1989 5.25disk bombs burning coco3 commercial currency did doors dragons dungeon fantasyworld flipscreens humanoidprotagonist illequipped inventory itempickup-auto itempickup-scrap joystick keys license-proprietary limitedcapacity magic mapdeficient meleeweapons monsters outdoors playerprofiles rescue shopping subterranean swords trees upgrades-abilities upgrades-health upgrades-other upgrades-permanent walking
Time Quest author (author)1998 1990s 20thcentury 2ndmillennium agiengine doors flipscreens home indoors inventory joystick keyboard keys latemodernperiod