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Commander Keen: The Armageddon Machine (Commander Keen 5;Commander Keen in "Goodbye, Galaxy!")  Apogee (id Software)1991 aliens apocalyptic childprotagonist circlingbirdies commanderkeen download heroprotagonist ledges levelhub nofalldamage overworld prodigalprotagonist robots spacestation
Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes (Commander Keen 2;Commander Keen in "Invasion of the Vorticons" – Episode Two: The Earth Explodes)  Apogee (id Software)1991 alieninvasion aliens apocalyptic childprotagonist commanderkeen download heroprotagonist levelhub nofalldamage overworld prodigalprotagonist robots spacecraft-location
Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle (Commander Keen 4;Commander Keen in 'Goodbye, Galaxy!')  Apogee (id Software)1991 aliens apocalyptic cartoony childprotagonist circlingbirdies commanderkeen download heroprotagonist killerrabbits levelhub lighthearted lives nofalldamage otherworld overworld prodigalprotagonist rescue search
Star Control II (StarCon 2;SC2;Star Control 2)  Accolade (Toys For Bob)1992 1life 2150s 22ndcentury 3.5disk adv-none aliens amoeboids antivillain apocalyptic astrophysics autozoom beamweapons cannons combatmode crystalentities darkspace deadends dimensionaltravel eldritchabominations energyweapons evilisgood extraterrestrial fuel future geneticmemory gog humanoids inorganics insectoids interactivedialogs interplanetarytravel interstellartravel machinecivilization metagaming miscommunication mycoids neutralnpcs peopleresources perverts plantcreatures precursors premadeprotagonist progressingworld secondaryconflict sentientplants shopping space spacecraft spacecraft-medium spacefaringage spaceflight speciesuplift starcontrol starfishaliens suicideattackers superguns timelimit timeouthunter unattendedevents universallanguage war warptravel withdrawn xenophobia xp-none
Doom II (Doom 2;Doom II: Hell on Earth)  id Software (id Software)1994 1life 22ndcentury addons alone anticipatorystockpiles apocalyptic armyofone automap backtracking bodyarmor bossbattles bpjmindexed chainreactions chainsaw clanguage claymation cloakednpcs cpu-386 demonicinvasion demons devsysnext68x devsysnextintell devsysnextppc dialup doom-series doomwad dosextender download earth elevators energyweapons explosiveobjects fatties findexit firearms firstpersonshooter gog gore graphicdeaths heads healthpickups hell hellscape heroprotagonist hitscan idtech1 illusionarywalls ipx middleguns middleprojection militantprotagonist minimap monsters mp-dm namelessprotagonist noingameintro nojumping noreloading npcstrife oopitems plasmaweapons powertools powerups randomdamage reanimators rehash rockets rotaryguns sciencefantasy secrets serious shotguns singlegender spaceport spawners splatter supportnpcs teleport twitchshooter walking walkingarmory
Star Control 3 (Star Control: The Kessari Quadrant)  Accolade (Legend Entertainment)1996 aliens apocalyptic blacksheep cdrom combatmode crystalentities darkspace difficulty-single eldritchabominations endtime extraterrestrial fuel future gog hintsystem humanoids inorganics insectoids interactivedialogs interplanetarytravel interstellartravel keyboard machinecivilization malapropisms milessound mouse mycoids neutralnpcs precursors progressingworld robots saveanywhere space spacecraft spacecraft-medium spacefaringage starcontrol starfishaliens stopmotion thedestroyer timecompression unattendedevents viciouscycle voiceovers warptravel withdrawn