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Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders  Lucasfilm Games (Lucasfilm Games)1988 3.5disk airport alieninvasion aliens cdrom clickadventure display-cga display-ega journalistprotagonist mars scumm thx-1138
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure  Lucasfilm Games (Lucasfilm Games)1989 1930s 3.5disk 5.25disk archeologistprotagonist cdrom city-venice-it clickadventure controllablehelplessness cpu-8086 cpu-8088 display-cga display-ega display-mcga display-tga display-vga dos1 dos2 download europe feelies indianajones interbellum interwarperiod joystick lutris mouse movie scumm scummvm spu-adlib spu-gameblaster spu-pcspeaker spu-tandy uvl-releases x86
Loom (Haorgim;העורגים;The Weavers)  Lucasfilm Games (Lucasfilm Games)1990 ♫tchaikovskyswanlake 3.5disk cdrom download lutris scumm scummvm sound uvl-releases voiceovers
Stellar 7  Dynamix (Dynamix)1990 alone cdrom driving hovervehicle stellar7 unseenprotagonist
The Secret of Monkey Island  LucasArts (LucasArts)1990 3.5disk 5.25disk cdrom clickadventure controllablehelplessness earlymodern-theme hoarding inventory island lutris monkeyisland pirate-theme pirates scumm scummvm titularlocale unknownpast
Wolfpack (Wolf Pack)  Brøderbund;Mirrorsoft (NovaLogic)1990 1940s 20thcentury 3.5disk cdrom naturalistic naval submarine worldwar2
Wonderland  Virgin Games (Magnetic Scrolls)1990 aliceinwonderland book cdrom interactivefiction wordinput
King's Quest V: Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder (King's Quest 5: Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder;King's Quest V)  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1990 3.5disk cdrom clickadventure highbornprotagonist kingsquest magical metagaming refwhitesnake sci-engine sci1 scummvm uchronia voiceovers
Advantage Tennis Infogrames (Infogrames)1991 3.5disk cdrom racquetsports tennis
E.S.S. Mega (ESS Mega;European Space Simulator Mega)  Tomahawk (Coktel Vision)1991 3.5disk cdrom spacecraft
EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus (Eco Quest - The Search for Cetus)  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1991 3.5disk cdrom cetaceans childprotagonist clickadventure ecology edu-ecology environmentalism femaleauthor saveanywhere sci-engine scummvm voiceovers
Gobliiins  Coktel Vision (Coktel Vision)1991 3.5disk cdrom feelies gobengine gobliiins-series goblinoidprotagonist goblins scummvm
Gunship 2000 (Power Games II)  Microprose (Microprose)1991 3.5disk 5.25disk addons aerodyne cdrom commercial cpu-286 display-ega display-mcga display-vga dos2 dualcontroller feelies helicopter helicopter-ah1-cobra helicopter-ah64-apache joystick keyboard license-proprietary mouse rotorcraft spu-adlib spu-lapci spu-mt32 spu-pcspeaker spu-sb spu-tandy
Lord of the Rings Vol. I (J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Vol.I)  Interplay (Interplay)1991 3.5disk archaicearth arda book cdrom dataexport earth group halflings highfantasy humanoidprotagonist lotr uchronia weefolk weefolkprotagonist
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol. 1  Icom Simulations (Icom Simulations)1991 cdrom detectivemystery digitizedvideo earth interactivemovie liveactors realworld sherlockholmes uvl-tiein
Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (Space Quest 4)  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1991 3.5disk cdrom clickadventure display-mcga display-vga download sci-engine scummvm spacequest stormtroopereffect timetravel uvl-releases
Supremacy: Your Will Be Done (Overlord)  Virgin Games;Melbourne House (Probe Software)1991 2010s cdrom future
The Adventures of Willy Beamish (Adventures of Willy Beamish)  Sierra (Dynamix)1991 3.5disk cdrom display-ega display-mcga display-vga
The Chessmaster 3000  The Software Toolworks (The Software Toolworks)1991 3.5disk cdrom chess dualism forethoughtrequired grid grid-square naturalistic perfectinformation traditional
Scorched Earth  author (author)1991 artillery artillerygame cdrom licensechange norecruiting serious shopping simultaneousturns simultaneousturns-planned tank
Spirit of Excalibur Virgin Games (Synergistic Software)1991 arthurianmyth cdrom excaliburvirgin medieval worldbuilderengine
Gateway to the Savage Frontier  SSI;Softgold (SSI Special Projects Group;Beyond Software)1991 3.5disk adnd cdrom dnd encounters-timed femaleauthor giantanimals giantsquids goldboxengine group pascal savagefrontier uvl-missingimages uvl-tiein
Battle Chess Enhanced (Battle Chess Deluxe)  Interplay (Interplay;Silicon & Synapse)1992 cdrom chess comicinjuries diorama-living display-vga dualism forethoughtrequired grid grid-square perfectinformation traditional
Campaign  Empire (Empire)1992 3.5disk cdrom worldwar2
Comanche: Maximum Overkill  Novalogic (Novalogic)1992 3.5disk addons aerodyne cdrom comanche-series cpu-386 helicopter helicopter-rah66-comanche rotorcraft voxelspaceengine