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Asian-Business  author (author)19?? asia china trading
China Sea Trader  author (author)1986 19thcentury asia china trading
Hong Kong Hustle  Microsoft Press (Microsoft Press)1986 china hongkong typein wordinput
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sangokushi;三國志)  Koei (Koei)1989 2ndcentury 3plusfactions 3rdcentury asia asia-east china chineseimperialera combatmode grid grid-hex grid-irregular sanguoyanyi uvl-tiein
Bandit Kings of Ancient China  Koei;Infogrames (Koei;Infogrames)1990 12thcentury china combatmode grid grid-hex suikoden
Genghis Khan  Positive (Positive)1991 asia asia-east china uvl-confusable
Ghengis Khan Koei1991 asia asia-east china
Heart of China  Sierra On-Line (Dynamix)1991 1930s alternatingprotagonist asia asia-east china chinese-theme city city-paris-fr clickadventure dgdsengine did display-ega display-vga france hongkong multipleendings nepal rescue turkey
水浒英雄传:火之魂 (Heroes in Heroes;Water Margin heroes pass the soul of fire) Tengtu United Electronics Development (8·Studio)1997 cdrom china clickadventure commercial cpu-486 display-vesa dos5 keyboard langchinesetrad license-proprietary mouse redbookaudio spu-awe32 spu-generalmidi spu-sb spu-sb16 spu-soundblasterpro walking
The Legend of Sword and Fairy (SDLPAL;Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan;仙劍奇俠傳;仙剑奇侠传) author (author)2009 china sdl sdlpal