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Quake (GLQuake)  Activision (id Software)1996 1life achillesheelfoes aimassist alone axes beamweapons bpjmindexed bunnyhopping cdrom conductivewater cpu-586 dark darkfantasy deadlydecor dedicatedclient demons devconsole devsysnext68x devsysnextintel devsysnextintell devsysnextppc dialup difficulty dingy distortedvision dogs doomwad doors dos5 download electricweapons energyweapons eviloverlord findexit firearms firstpersonshooter future gibs gore graybrown idlenoise indoors ipx jumping keys lightmaps medieval meleeweapons middleguns middleprojection militantprotagonist monsters mp-dm nailguns npcfriendlyfire npcstrife opaquewater opengl otherworld overkill permanentcorpses portals powerups quake-series quakeengine rocketjumping rockets sciencefantasy secrets serious sourcecodestolen splatter swimming swrender tcpip telefrag title-demo touchactivation undead underwaterdiving zombies