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Gunship  MicroProse (MicroProse)1986 3.5disk 5.25disk aerodyne cpu-8086 cpu-8088 display-cga display-ega display-hgc display-mcga display-tga display-vga dos1 dos2 helicopter helicopter-ah64-apache joystick keyboard rotorcraft spu-pcspeaker spu-theentertainer
The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown  Electronic Arts (Interplay)1987 bardstale bardstaleengine christian combatmode demons display-vga dragons dungeoncrawler ghosts giants gridmove group halflings hydrae leveleditor magic monsters shopping skeletons undead vampires weefolk xp-kills zombies
Battlehawks 1942  Lucasfilm Games (Lucasfilm Games)1988 1940s 20thcentury aerodyne aeroplane display-cga display-ega display-vga pacificocean propellerplane worldwar worldwar2
F-19 Stealth Fighter  Microprose (Microprose)1988 aeroplane africa asia display-cga display-ega display-vga europe fictionalaircraft fighteraircraft
Star Goose! (Stargoose Warrior)  Logotron (Logotron)1988 display-cga display-ega display-vga lives score
Super Ski (Super Ski Challenge;Eddie Edwards Super Ski;Downhill Challenge;SuperSki)  Microïds (Microïds)1988 alpineskiing display-cga display-ega display-vga nordicskiing skiing skijumping slalom slalomskiing wintersports wintery
The Twilight Zone  First Row Software (First Row Software)1988 display-cga display-ega display-vga interactivefiction tvseries wordinput
African Raiders-01  Tomahawk (Coktel Vision)1989 africa africa-north display-cga display-vga rally
Bruce Lee Lives: The Fall of Hong Kong Palace  The Software Toolworks (The Software Toolworks)1989 brucelee display-cga display-ega display-vga hongkong martialarts score unarmedfighting
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1989 aerodyne aeroplane display-cga display-ega display-vga
E.S.S. (ESS;European Space Simulator)  Tomahawk (Inference)1989 2010s display-cga display-vga future spacecraft
Face Off!  Activision;Gamestar (MindSpan)1989 display-ega display-mcga display-vga hockey icehockey
Indianapolis 500: The Simulation (Indy 500)  Electronic Arts (Papyrus)1989 3.5disk 5.25disk color-16bit commercial cpu-286 cpu-8086 cpu-8088 display-cga display-composite display-ega display-mcga display-vga dos2 formularacing indycar joystick keyboard license-proprietary motorracing motorsport spu-adlib spu-lapci spu-mt32 spu-pcspeaker spu-tandy tga track-indianapolismotorspeedway
Jetfighter: The Adventure (Power Games II;Jet Fighter)  Velocity (Velocity)1989 3.5disk 5.25disk aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f14-tomcat aircraft-f16-falcon aircraft-f18-hornet commercial cpu-8086 cpu-8088 display-cga display-ega display-hgc display-mcga display-tga display-vga dos2 dos3 dos4 fighteraircraft joystick keyboard license-proprietary sound spu-pcspeaker
Mean Streets  Access Software (Access Software)1989 2030s 21stcentury 3.5disk california city-sanfrancisco-ca detectivemystery digitizedimages display-vga future noir northamerica postapocalypse realsound spu-pcspeaker texmurphy
Space Harrier  Sega (Sega)1989 bossbattles bossrush display-cga display-ega display-mcga display-vga lives moaifigures score spaceharrier spu-pcspeaker
Steel Thunder (Steel Thunder: American Battle Tank Simulation)  Accolade (Accolade)1989 display-cga display-ega display-mcga display-vga tank tanks
Wall$treet (Börsenfieber;WallStreet;Wall Street)  Magic Bytes;Digitek (Magic Bytes)1989 display-cga display-ega display-hgc display-vga stockmarket
World Class Leader Board (World Class Leaderboard)  Access Software (Access Software)1989 display-cga display-ega display-vga golf leaderboard-series realsound spu-pcspeaker windindicator
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure  Lucasfilm Games (Lucasfilm Games)1989 1930s 3.5disk 5.25disk archeologistprotagonist cdrom city-venice-it clickadventure controllablehelplessness cpu-8086 cpu-8088 display-cga display-ega display-mcga display-tga display-vga dos1 dos2 download europe feelies indianajones interbellum interwarperiod joystick lutris mouse movie scumm scummvm spu-adlib spu-gameblaster spu-pcspeaker spu-tandy uvl-releases x86
Back to the Future Part II (Back to the Future II;Back to the Future 2;Regreso al Futuro Parte II)  Image Works;Mirrorsoft (Images)1990 5.25disk backtothefuture display-cga display-ega display-vga movie score timelimit timetravel
Crystals of Arborea  Silmarils (Silmarils)1990 combatmode display-mcga display-vga gridmove group highbornprotagonist magic
F-29 Retaliator  Ocean (DID)1990 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f22-raptor display-ega display-vga fighteraircraft futuristic naturalistic prototypevehicle titularvehicle
Fire & Forget II: The Death Convoy (Fire & Forget 2)  Titus (Titus)1990 display-cga display-ega display-vga firenforget-series score vehicularcombat
Hard Nova  Electronic Arts (Malibu Interactive)1990 display-vga genderchoice