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Robot Odyssey I: Escape from Robotropolis (Escape Challenge! Robot Odyssey;Robot Odyssey Special Edition)  The Learning Company (The Learning Company)1985 3.5disk 5.25disk adventureengine alternativesolutions ambientcreatures bizarrecreatures city controllablehelplessness difficultyspike display-cga dos1 edu-logic edu-programming elevators femaleauthor flipscreens framesynced fuel hard hypermobilefoes joystick logic logicgates machinecivilization opensolutions pointertoggle programming publictransit pushwalls robotodyssey robots sewers stranded subterranean tandy1000 taskfailure walking
ANIMAC (ANIMAC: American Neutral Investigators' Mapierian Anticomplex) author (author)1991 assemblylang commercial cpu-8086 cpu-8088 difficulty display-cga download free2play hard joystick keyboard license-proprietary licensechange lives score spu-pcspeaker
The Immortal  Electronic Arts (Sandcastle)1991 hard magic metagaming
Zelda Classic  Armageddon Games (Armageddon Games)1999 achillesheelfoes ballistics bossbattles cemetery centauroids chosenone currency doors fangame fish forest free genderchoice giantinsects gunblades hard healthwarning humanoidprotagonist insectoids inventory keys ladders lethalobjects leveleditor meleeweapons monsters mountain nohumans noncanon rewardingvandalism ruins secrets shopping simulateddisorientation skeletonkey skeletons sourcecodestolen stonemen stunning subterranean town traproom trees undead walking watercraft-small zelda-universe zeldaclassicengine