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Magic Carpet  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)1994 1life anaglyphic antiquity arabianfantasy cdrom cpu-486 depthfog ectsaward electrokinesis energyregen firstpersonshooter gog harvesters magic magic-instant magiccarpet-engine magiccarpet-series magiccarpets map missionbased motionblur mysticprotagonist oldarabian-theme pyrokinesis radar resourceharvesting semiteprotagonist serious sorcery stereoscopic terraindeformation titularvehicle
Ultima VIII: Pagan (Ultima 8: Pagan)  Origin (Origin)1994 1life 3.5disk adv-undefined capacity-unlimited cdrom cheatcodes cpu-386 deadlywater demons dialog-sentences disappearingplatforms doors draganddrop elementals floatingeyes free fromanotherworld ghosts giantfungi gog ineptveteran inorganics interactivedialogs inventory juggernauts jumping keys luggage magic magic-ingredients magic-instant magiccircles mediums mediumship meleeweapons mouse museum necromancers necromancy noinvpause noports platforming premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming saveanywhere serious skeletons sorcery stranded summoning telekinesis titularlocale ultima ultima8-engine ultimaageofarmageddon undead walking xp-undefined zombies