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Roadwar 2000  SSI (Westwood Studios)1987 1990s 20thcentury 21stcentury combatmode dataexport fuel future mutants northamerica postapocalypse roadwar-series war wargame
Bad Blood  Origin Systems (Origin Systems)1990 mutants postapocalypse wasteland
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles)  Ultra Games;Image Works (Unlimited Software)1990 20thcentury bossbattles cartoon city city-newyork-ny comic earth impossible ingametitle latemodernperiod meleeweapons multiprotagonists mutantprotagonist mutants ninja ninjaprotagonist northamerica nunchucks rescue sai score sewers staves subterranean swords teenprotagonist teens thrownweapons tmnt underwater underwaterdiving walking wallstreet-ny
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Missions Konami1991 bossbattles city-newyork-ny meleeweapons mutants newyorkstate ninja ninjaprotagonist nunchucks sai staves swords teens timelimit tmnt walking
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The Coin-Op! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game)  Image Works (Probe Software)1992 anthroprotagonist bossbattles cartoon meleeweapons multiprotagonists mutants ninja ninjaprotagonist nunchucks sai score staves subterranean swords teenprotagonist teens tmnt walking
Psionics  Nachos Software (Nachos Software)1993 1life civilianprotagonist combatmode genderchoice gridmove mutants psychicpowers psychics serious spacestation unusualprotagonist
Bio Menace (BioMenace)  Apogee Software (Apogee Software)1993 aimdirlimit alone ammotypes amoeboids apartmentbuilding chapters city crystals difficulty fallbackweapon firearms free2play gore grenades harmfultouch itempickup-auto keys ladders licensechange lighthearted lives maleprotagonist mines monsters multistart mutants nofalldamage rescue ruins runandgun score suicideattackers trees
Abuse  Electronic Arts (Crack dot Com)1994 1life alone constrainedlocale dark doors elevators energyweapons escape humanexperiments independentaim indoors leveleditor licensechange lisplanguage monsters mutants outbreak powerarmor prisonbreak robots runandgun savepoints serious teleport teleporters tilebased unusualprotagonist walking
Superhero League of Hoboken  Legend Entertainment (Legend Entertainment)1994 3.5disk cardinalnavigation cdrom city clickadventure future group heroprotagonist mutants northamerica postapocalypse superhero-theme
System Shock  Electronic Arts;Origin (Looking Glass Technologies)1994 1life 3.5disk aimdeadzone alone alternatefailures antagonistawareness automap backtracking beamweapons beepingcomputers biotechnology blankprotagonist cacophonicvoice cdrom coerced compass creatorvscreation cultfollowing customengine cybernetics cyborgprotagonist cyborgs diaries difficulty difficulty-aspects distortedvision doors elevators empguns empweapons endlessopposition energyitems energyshields energystations energyweapons everyonesdead eviloverlord femaleantagonist firearms firstpersonshooter fleshvssteel freelook gog grenades grotesque hacking handguns hud-explained immersivesim implants indoors interactivetriggers inventory itempickup-instant jumping keyboard leaning ledges lightsabers mapannotation meleeweapons mines monopod mouse mutants namelessprotagonist noenergyregen nonlinear overheating persistentworld pictureinpicture pointertoggle postures powercorrupts reload-manual robotmenace robots rogueai seamlessworld sentientmachines serious solomission spacestation suddensentience systemshock targetident technology-theme transhumanism uipointer virtualreality voiceovers walking zero-g
Wrath of Earth  Softkey (Addix Software)1995 difficulty energyweapons extraterrestrial firstpersonshooter flatterrain fofindicator genderchoice infravision inventory keys minimap mutants prerenderedcinematics radar robotmenace robots solomission visionmodes voiceovers walking
Duke Nukem 3D (Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition;DN3D;duke3d)  Apogee Software (3D Realms)1996 1life 21stcentury 3.5disk addons airducts alieninvasion aliens apartmentbuilding armyofone automap bathroom bombs bpjmindexed buildengine captives cdrom censored city city-losangeles-ca clingers cpu-486 cryogenicweapons destructibleitems difficulty display-vesa doors download dukenukem elevators energyweapons explosiveobjects extraterrestrial firearms firstpersonshooter flood freelook freezing future gameplayinn gog gore graphicdeaths handguns heroic heroprotagonist hitscan humor-dark humor-toilet impossiblegeometry interspecificconflict invasion inventory jumping jumppack license-gpl licensechange lighthearted luna machineguns macho monsters moon mp-dm multibarrelguns mutants naturaldisasters noreloading quake realisticshotguns redlightdistrict remotedetonators rockets ruins screenshake shotguns shrinker spacefaringage spacestation suidoids techinnovation ten-service theatre thx-1138 titularcharacter twitchshooter walking walkingarmory
Strife (Strife: Quest for the Sigil)  3DO (Rogue Entertainment)1996 aliens automap city devsysnext68x devsysnextintell devsysnextppc doomwad elevators energyweapons facelessprotagonist firearms firstpersonshooter guidedweapons healingitems idtech1 inventory meleeweapons mercenaryprotagonist middleguns mindcontrol mutants noports postapocalypse premadeprotagonist rebellion robots rockets sentientartefact serious sourcecodemissing thermalweapons unknownpast
Project Paradise Ikarion (Soft Enterprises)1997 22ndcentury 3rdmillennium assaultrifles beamweapons firearms flamethrowers future grenades hacking handguns magic maleprotagonist megacorps mines minimap mutantprotagonist mutants plasmaweapons rockets secrets sorcery
Fallout  Interplay (Black Isle Studios)1997 1life 2160s 22ndcentury adv-perks adv-ptdistr alternatetimeline assemblylang automap botching california charactercreation circadiancycle combatmode cruelty-potential currency-unusual deathworld desura dingy doors download drugs earth encounters-random energyweapons fallout fallout-engine firearms fistloads future genderchoice giantanimals giantspiders gore graybrown grenades grid grid-hex handguns inaccurateinfo initiative injuries interactivedialogs isolationists karma locationaldamage lockpicking losttechnology meleeweapons multipleendings mutants neutralmonsters northamerica overworld parttargeting postapocalypse powerarmor raygungothic retrofuture rotaryguns ruinedworld scorpions sdl shopping sourcecodeavailable spiritualsuccessor stealing stealth thrownweapons thx-1138 timelimit timeunits town turnbasedcombat ubuntu unarmedfighting uvl-confusable walking wasteland weirdscience xp-kills