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Zeliard  Sierra On-Line;Game Arts (Game Arts)1990 ancientenemy aristocratprotagonist chosenone cpu-286 highbornprotagonist itemdurability knights ladders magic magicartefacts medieval meleeweapons monsters premadeprotagonist savepoints shopping sorcery spu-adlib spu-mt32 spu-pcspeaker spu-sb subterranean swords town uvl-descriptionincomplete
Cobra Mission: Panic in Cobra City  MegaTech (INOS;MegaTech)1992 3.5disk city combatmode companion cpu-286 gangsters group investigatorprotagonist lighthearted outlaws porn premadeprotagonist rampantcrime shopping
Star Control II (StarCon 2;SC2;Star Control 2)  Accolade (Toys For Bob)1992 1life 2150s 22ndcentury 3.5disk adv-none aliens amoeboids antivillain apocalyptic astrophysics autozoom beamweapons cannons combatmode crystalentities darkspace deadends dimensionaltravel eldritchabominations energyweapons evilisgood extraterrestrial fuel future geneticmemory gog humanoids inorganics insectoids interactivedialogs interplanetarytravel interstellartravel machinecivilization metagaming miscommunication mycoids neutralnpcs peopleresources perverts plantcreatures precursors premadeprotagonist progressingworld secondaryconflict sentientplants shopping space spacecraft spacecraft-medium spacefaringage spaceflight speciesuplift starcontrol starfishaliens suicideattackers superguns timelimit timeouthunter unattendedevents universallanguage war warptravel withdrawn xenophobia xp-none
Heirs to Skull Crag (Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures;FRUA;UA)  SSI (MicroMagic;SSI)1993 2hmeleeweapons 3.5disk adnd adv-progress adv-static alienplanet autumnal axes basilisks beholders bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows breathweapons caninoids cdrom cemetery charactercreation city classbased classbasedeq combatmode companion compass containers crossbows dataexport dataimport did difficulty dnd doors dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western driders dungeoncrawler dwarves elves encounters-random encounters-set encounters-timed fantasyworld fatigue feelies femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse forest forgottenrealms genderchoice genderpenalty ghosts giantanimals giantinsects giantmonsters giantspiders giantsquids gnolls gnomes goblins godlingprotagonist goldboxengine golems gridmove group halflings hazardouspowers healingitems heroprotagonist highfantasy horses humanoids humans ichthyoids illusionarywalls inorganics insectoids inventory jewelry jinn joystick karma keys knives leveleditor liches lockpicking lowfantasy magic magicweapons maleprotagonist medieval meleeweapons mercenaryprotagonist militantprotagonist mindflayers missionbased monsters mouse multiclassing multipleendings multiverse mycoids mystics mythicalprotagonist naturalweapons orcs pascal polearms premadecharacters premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming ragtaggang randomdamage recruiting rescue resourcegeneration resting riding river romance ruins sentientartefact sewers shapeshifters shapeshifting sharedsetting shopping skeletons slings softscifi sorcery specieschoice spellmemory subterranean summery swords tentaclecreatures thrownweapons titlementioned tombstones town traps treants tutorial unarmedfighting undead unusualprotagonist uvl-tiein vampires vernal walking wasteland weefolk wintery wyverns xp-deeds xp-kills
Reaping the Dungeon (Dungeon Rogue)  Frontline Software (Frontline Software)1993 1life 2040s 21stcentury alone asphyxiation cpu-286 dos3 dungeon energyweapons extraterrestrial future jupiter mapgenerator meleeweapons monsters premadeprotagonist randomdamage roguelike saveanywhere serious subterranean teleport
ShadowCaster (Shadow Caster)  Origin (Raven Software)1993 1life 3.5disk cdrom civilianprotagonist clanguage cpu-386 display-mcga display-vga dosextender fromanotherworld humanoidprotagonist interlinkedlevels monsters nohumans noports premadeprotagonist shadowcasterengine shapeshifters shapeshifting unarmedfighting uniqueprotagonist voiceovers
Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse  SSI (Cyberlore Studios)1994 1life 3.5disk actionadventure adnd antiquity arabianfantasy cdrom chargedattack did DnD jinn magic meleeweapons nontolkienian oldarabian-theme premadeprotagonist rescue semiteprotagonist serious swords town uvl-tiein walking
Knights of Xentar (Dragon Knight 3;龍騎士 III)  ELF;Megatech Software (ELF)1994 adv-static cdrom classbased combatmode demons divinechampion dragonknight godlingprotagonist group initiative lighthearted lostpowers lostresources magic monsters porn premadeprotagonist sprites unusualprotagonist warriorprotagonist
Ultima VIII: Pagan (Ultima 8: Pagan)  Origin (Origin)1994 1life 3.5disk adv-undefined capacity-unlimited cdrom cheatcodes cpu-386 deadlywater demons dialog-sentences disappearingplatforms doors draganddrop elementals floatingeyes free fromanotherworld ghosts giantfungi gog ineptveteran inorganics interactivedialogs inventory juggernauts jumping keys luggage magic magic-ingredients magic-instant magiccircles mediums mediumship meleeweapons mouse museum necromancers necromancy noinvpause noports platforming premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming saveanywhere serious skeletons sorcery stranded summoning telekinesis titularlocale ultima ultima8-engine ultimaageofarmageddon undead walking xp-undefined zombies
Albion  Blue Byte (Blue Byte)1995 1life 23rdcentury adv-undefined alienplanet aliens city civilianprotagonist clanguage combatmode cpu-486 displacementfiction doors dos5 dosextender extraterrestrial felinoids firearms forest fromanotherworld future gog group hotutopdog hunger interfacespoilers inventory lockpicking magic meleeweapons multisequence mystics neutralnpcs nontolkienian noports nudity planetaryromance premadeprotagonist sciencefantasy serious shopping spacefaringage speciesequipment stranded titlementioned titularlocale trash tropic unknownpast walking
Lars: The Wanderer  Gravity (Gravity)1995 comexecutable forest magic mp-cooperative premadeprotagonist titularcharacter warriorprotagonist
Stonekeep  Interplay (Interplay Productions)1995 bludgeons bombs book bows capacity-unlimited castle cdrom chatter chosenone clanguage classless devsyslost difficulty-single digitizedvideo disguisedtriggers divinemenace doors dosextender dragons dragons-western dualwielding-asymmetric dungeon dwarves elves energystations eviloverlord faerierealm fantasyworld fictionaluniverse giantants giantinsects gifting goblins gridmove healingitems healingstations humanoids illusionarywalls inbuilttraps indoors inventory keys knives liveactors magic magic-sigils mapannotation mediaindrive medieval meleeweapons metaabilities mystics noenergyregen noports notebook npcfleeing npchealing npcinventory paperdoll polearms powerfoci predefinedcontrols premadeprotagonist projectilerecovery puzzles rewardingvandalism rp-levelless secrets serious sorcery spelldesigning sprites stonekeep-series subterranean subterraneanrealm subtitledeficient swords temporarycompanions thrownweapons title-static titularlocale trash voiceovers voiceovers-full walking wands weefolk xp-literal
Joyous Rebel (Joyous Rebel 1)  Axe Productions (Axe Productions)1996 1life clanguage island premadeprotagonist
Quest – The Dungeon Escape  -MWD- Software (-MWD- Software)1996 ghosts monsters premadeprotagonist skeletons undead
Strife (Strife: Quest for the Sigil)  3DO (Rogue Entertainment)1996 aliens automap city devsysnext68x devsysnextintell devsysnextppc doomwad elevators energyweapons facelessprotagonist firearms firstpersonshooter guidedweapons healingitems idtech1 inventory meleeweapons mercenaryprotagonist middleguns mindcontrol mutants noports postapocalypse premadeprotagonist rebellion robots rockets sentientartefact serious sourcecodemissing thermalweapons unknownpast
Azrael's Tear  Mindscape (Intelligent Games)1996 2000s 21stcentury britain cdrom clanguage diegeticui dosextender future indoors noports premadeprotagonist search serious subterranean
Quest 2 – The Forest Trap  -MWD- Software (-MWD- Software)1997 amoeboids premadeprotagonist
Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (Lands of Lore II: Guardians of Destiny;Lands of Lore 2;LoL2)  Virgin Interactive (Westwood Studios)1997 1life antimagiczones automap autosaves-periodic axes bellyofawhale bigcats bludgeons capturedresources cave cdrom civilianprotagonist civilizedsavages clingers compass crawltunnels curse dark-limited datacaching deadlywater deities diaries difficulty difficulty-ingame dinosaurs dromaeosaurs elevators elevators-multifloor energyregen enlargingprotagonist environmentalpuzzle falselyaccused felinoids flammables forest giantinsects giantspiders glowingeyes gog healingitems healthregen hiddenattributes hiddenitemstats idlenoise illusionarywalls inventory involuntarystates jumping keys knockback landsoflore liveactors magic mapannotation mapspoilers mediaindrive meleeweapons milessound monsters multipleendings museum mystics neutralmonsters nightvision nontolkienian outlanderprotagonist pictureinpicture polycephalids polymathprotagonist premadeprotagonist prologue quake recurrence recurrence-character ruins saveanywhere screenshake seers shapeshifters shapeshifting shopping shrinkingprotagonist sorcery stealingnpcs subterranean swords tentaclecreatures town toxins trash treetoptown tropic unarmedfighting unexplainedelements unusualprotagonist variableabilitypower voiceovers volcanic walking