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Sopwith (Sopwith 2)  BMB Compuscience (BMB Compuscience)1985 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-camel animals biplane bombs fighteraircraft joystick keyboard machineguns naturalistic propellerplane radar replays
Stunt Island (Disney's Stunt Island)  Disney (The Assembly Line)1992 3.5disk 5.25disk commercial cpu-386 cpu-80386sx daredevil-theme display-vga dos3 drm gouraudshading joystick keyboard langcomputer leveleditor license-proprietary mouse programming replays spu-adlib spu-dss spu-lapci spu-midi spu-mt32 spu-pcspeaker spu-ps1audiocard spu-sb spu-tandy spu-tandydac spu-thunderboard stunts swrender
Follow the Reader Walt Disney Computer Software (Distinctive Software)1993 anthropomorphicanimals anthroprotagonist color-8bit disney gamebook indoors menus mickeymouse outdoors pet quitsave replays