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Sensible World of Soccer 96-97 Sensible Software (Sensible Software)? sensiblesoccer-series soccer
Five-A-Side Soccer (Five-A-Side Indoor Soccer)  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1986 soccer
Emilio Butragueño Futbol (Buitre)  Dro Soft (Topo Soft)1987 professionalathlete soccer
Football Manager  Addictive Games (Addictive Games)1987 soccer sportsmanagement
Numero 10  FIL (FIL)1987 soccer
4 Soccer Simulators (Four Soccer Simulators)  Codemasters (Codemasters)1988 indoorsoccer soccer streetgame
Football Manager 2  Addictive Games (Addictive Games)1988 soccer sportsmanagement
Fussball  author (author)1988 soccer sportsmanagement
Street Sports Soccer  Epyx (Epyx)1988 soccer streetgame
Superstar Soccer  SportTime;Mindscape (DesignStar Consultants)1988 soccer
Coach  Wizard Games (New Era Software)1989 soccer sportsmanagement
Europa-Liga  Dino-Soft (Dino-Soft)1989 soccer sportsmanagement
Major Indoor Soccer League (SporTime Soccer League;MISL: Major Indoor Soccer League;American Indoor Soccer)  Mindscape (DesignStar Consultants)1989 indoorsoccer soccer
Michel Futbol Master + Super Skills  Dinamic (Dinamic)1989 professionalathlete soccer
Microprose Soccer (Microprose Pro Soccer;Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer)  Microprose (Designer Software)1989 indoorsoccer soccer
Saint & Greavsie (Saint and Greavsie)  Grandslam (Core Design)1989 soccer sports-theme tvgameshow
The Soccer Game  Wizard Games (New Era Software)1989 soccer sportsmanagement
World Trophy Soccer (Rick Davis's World Trophy Soccer;Italia '90 World Cup Soccer;World Cup Soccer: Italia '90)  Virgin Games (Novotrade)1989 professionalathlete soccer worldchampionship
Bundesliga Manager  Software 2000 (Software 2000)1990 soccer sportsmanagement
Football Manager World Cup Edition  Addictive Games (Addictive Games)1990 soccer sportsmanagement worldchampionship
International Soccer Challenge  MicroStyle (Red Rat)1990 soccer
Italy '90 Soccer Simulmondo (Simulmondo)1990 soccer worldchampionship
Italy 1990 (Italy '90;World Class Soccer)  U.S. Gold (Tiertex)1990 soccer worldchampionship
Kick Off 2  Anco (Anco)1990 kickoff-series soccer
Manchester United: The Official Computer Game  Krisalis (Krisalis)1990 soccer sportsmanagement