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Centipede  author (author)1983 centipede centipedes fixedshooter fleas lives score scorpions spiders uvl-confusable
Centipede  Atari (Atari)1983 centipede centipedes fixedshooter fleas lives score scorpions spiders uvl-confusable
Dino Eggs  Micro Fun (Micro Fun)1983 dinosaurs disease ladders outbreak past prehistoric-theme snakes spiders timetravel
Night Stalker  Mattel (Mattel)1983 score spiders
Spyder  Mirror Images Software (Mirror Images Software)1983 score spiders
Tick Attack  Pegasus Software (Pegasus Software)1983 fixedshooter lives mice score spiders
Castle Adventure (The Golden Wombat)  author (author)1984 basic castle chiroptera claiming demons dos3 escape europeanfae giantinsects giantspiders ogres saveanywhere snakes spiders undead vampires wordinput
Lost Tomb  Datasoft (Datasoft)1984 lives score spiders timelimit
Montezuma's Revenge  BCI Software (BCI Software)1984 alone cemetery ladders lives mesoamerican-theme metroidvania montezumasrevenge-series score snakes spiders subterranean
Pool of Radiance (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance)  SSI (Westwood Associates;SSI Special Projects Group)1988 adnd basilisks centaurs combatmode dnd encounters-timed forgottenrealms frog ghouls giants gnolls goblins goldboxengine gridmove group kobolds medieval minotaurs mummies ogres orcs pascal poolofradiance sauroids scorpions skeletons spiders tigers trolls undead uvl-tiein vampires wildboars zombies
Spider  Kussoft1989 boulderdashlike claiming leveleditor lives score spiders timelimit
Spider Web  author (author)1989 arachnidprotagonist insects spiders
Dangerous Dave  Softdisk (Softdisk)1990 deadlywater firearms instantdeath lives nofalldamage score spiders
Paganitzu  Apogee Software (Trilobyte)1991 archeologistprotagonist display-cga display-ega instantdeath keys lives snakes spiders
Punica (Das Punica Spiel)  Bondy Productions (Bondy Productions)1993 advergame chiroptera crocodiles egypt lives score spiders
Ken's Labyrinth  Epic Megagames (Epic Megagames)1993 chiroptera clanguage firstpersonshooter licensechange score spiders x86-16
Edna Signum (Black Raven)1997 elderlyprotagonist femaleprotagonist forest inventory jumping magic mysticprotagonist sorcery spiders titularcharacter walking witches