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Microsoft Decathlon (Olympic Decathlon)  Microsoft (Microsoft)1982 decathlon olympic trackandfield
Summer Games II  Epyx (Designer Software)1986 amstradpc canoeing fencing highjump javelinthrow multisport rowing showjumping trackandfield trackcycling triplejump
Summer Olympiad (Summer Challenge)  Tynesoft;Thunder Mountain (Tynesoft;Thunder Mountain)1988 claypigeonshooting fencing hurdles hurdles-110m multisport olympic trackandfield triplejump waterdiving
The Games: Summer Edition  Epyx (Epyx)1988 archery bicycle display-cga display-ega gymnastics hammerthrow hurdles hurdles-400m multisport polevault trackandfield trackcycling waterdiving
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (Daley Thompson '88)  Ocean (Ocean)1989 daleythompson decathlon discusthrow display-ega highjump hurdles hurdles-110m javelinthrow lives longjump multisport olympic polevault professionalathlete run-middle run-middle-1500m score shotput sprint sprint-100m sprint-400m timelimit trackandfield
Summer Challenge  Accolade (MindSpan)1992 archery bicycle display-vga highjump hurdles javelinthrow kayaking multisport polevault showjumping trackandfield
The Carl Lewis Challenge  Psygnosis (Teque)1992 highjump hurdles-110m javelinthrow longjump professionalathlete sprint sprint-100m trackandfield
International Athletics  Zeppelin (True Emotions)1993 discusthrow highjump hurdles-110m javelinthrow longjump shotput sprint-100m trackandfield triplejump
Alien Olympics Mindscape (Dark Technologies)1995 3.5disk cdrom display-vga dos3 mouse trackandfield