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Europa Universalis II (Europa Universalis 2)  Strategy First;Ubi Soft (Paradox Entertainment)2001 15thcentury 16thcentury 17thcentury 18thcentury 19thcentury acrossages ageofdiscovery ageofrevolution americanrevolutionarywar dataexport dataimport directx8 earlymodernperiod earth europauniversalis europauniversalisengine europe grandstrategy grid grid-irregular napoleonicwars war win95
Uncharted Waters Online (Daikoukai Jidai Online;Uncharted Waters Online;大航海時代 Online) KOEI (KOEI)2004 ageofdiscovery ageofsail earlymodern-theme earth mmog unchartedwaters-series
Granado Espada (Sword of the New World;그라나도 에스파다;Granado Espada: Вызов Судьбы;Sword 2: Granado Espada)  K2 Network;Nival Online (IMC Entertainment)2007 adv-undefined ageofdiscovery city classbased colonialism cpplanguage directx9 earlymodern-theme firearms fmod free free2play genderchoice group group-subset gunpowderfantasy handguns historicalfantasy magic mmog pathengine precisionrifles quickkeys shopping sorcery steampowered tasktracker techdisparity uvl-missingimages xp-kills xtrap
Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery)  Ubisoft (Sunflowers;Related Designs)2009 15thcentury 4ormoreresources activationlimit ageofdiscovery anno-series arabia asia asia-south citybuilding download drm dvd earlymodern-theme fame india naturalistic oriental tages tradesim trading
Anno 1404: Venice (Dawn of Discovery: Venice)  Ubisoft (Blue Byte;Related Designs)2010 15thcentury ageofdiscovery anno-series citybuilding earth tradesim
Expeditions: Conquistador  bitComposer Entertainment (Logic Artists)2013 1500s 16thcentury 2ndmillennium ageofdiscovery ambientocclusion bartering charactercreation city combatmode compass crowdfunded currency desura dialog-tree difficulty difficulty-aspects disease download earlymodernperiod earth flanking genderchoice gog gold grid grid-hex highbornprotagonist hispanicprotagonist hitchance interactivedialogs lightbloom lineofsight mesoamerican-theme mexico morale namegenerator naturalistic northamerica outofturnactions past randomchance randomevents realworld renegades shopping slavery steampowered tactical tacticalrpg tasktracker tooltips trading trapping traps tribals