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Quake Mission Pack no. 1: Scourge of Armagon  Activision (Hipnotic Interactive)1997 bunnyhopping firstpersonshooter militantprotagonist otherworld quake-series quakeengine serious
Quake Mission Pack no. 2: Dissolution of Eternity  Activision (Rogue Entertainment)1997 bunnyhopping firstpersonshooter militantprotagonist otherworld quake-series quakeengine serious
Quake (WinQuake)  Activision (id Software)1997 1life aimassist alone aspectratio-4-3 axes beamweapons bpjmindexed bunnyhopping cdrom dark darkfantasy dedicatedclient demons difficulty dogs doomwad doors electricweapons energyweapons eviloverlord firearms firstpersonshooter gibs gore indoors jumping keys lightmaps meleeweapons middleguns middleprojection militantprotagonist monsters mp-dm nailguns namelessprotagonist noingameintro npcfriendlyfire npcstrife opengl otherworld overkill portals quake-series quakeengine rockets sciencefantasy secrets serious silentprotagonist splatter undead zombies
Quake II (Quake 2)  Activision (id Software)1997 1life alienplanet aliens alone armorpatches bodyarmor bossbattles brains bunnyhopping cdrom cyborgs dark dedicatedclient demo devconsole doors doors-automatic download emweapons energyweapons everyonesdead eviloverlord extraterrestrial facelessprotagonist fallbackweapon firearms firstpersonshooter forcefields future gibs grenadelaunchers grenades hitscan humanresources idtech2 industrial-setting interactivetriggers itemglow jumping ladders machineguns militantprotagonist militaryfiction mp-dm opengl otherworld overkill peopleresources quake-series recoil rockets rotaryguns secrets serious shotguns solesurvivor spacefaringage stippletransparency strogg submachineguns swimming swrender underwater war
Starsiege: Tribes Sierra On-Line (Dynamix)1998 bunnyhopping cdrom classbased darkstar-engine dedicatedclient drifting elevatedglitch extraterrestrial firstpersonshooter future genrechange jumping jumppack licensechange powerarmor rating-esrb-t roughterrain serieschange spacefaringage starsiege tribes-series uvl-releases walking
Kingpin: Life of Crime  Interplay Entertainment (Xatrix Entertainment)1999 1930s 1life 20thcentury actionadventure anachronic bleak bulkycharacters bunnyhopping city compatiblewine difficulty directx7 doors download dystopian elevators evilvsevil falldamage firearms flamethrowers friendlyfire futuristic gangsters glide3d gog grenadelaunchers handguns idtech2 improvisedweapons indoors interlinkedlevels jumping ladders leveleditor machineguns macho mediaindrive minions naturalistic neutralnpcs opengl organizedcrime outlawprotagonist personalquest prochronic prohibitionera rampantcrime rating-esrb-m revenge rockets saveanywhere serious shopping shotguns submachineguns thermalweapons titlementioned titularcharacter tommygun uvl-releases voiceovers walking
Quake III: Arena (Quake 3;Q3A;Quake III Arena)  Activision (id Software)1999 arenafpstps bunnyhopping crossover devconsole download firstpersonshooter idtech3 mp-dm opengl quake-series reactos restoredglitch twitchshooter unrelatedsequel worldcybergames zip
Counter-Strike (CS;CS1;CS 1.6)  Havas Interactive (CS Team)2000 bunnyhopping commercialized counterstrike fakenames firearms firstpersonshooter goldsrc-engine intelextrememasters militantprotagonist mp-gungame mp-teams worldcybergames
Urban Terror FrozenSand (Silicon Ice Development)2000 ammomagazines assaultrifles battleye bunnyhopping firearms idtech3 jumping map mp-teams precisionrifles punkbuster reload-lossy reload-real
Tribes 2 Havas Interactive (Dynamix)2001 4thmillennium bunnyhopping classbased dedicatedclient drifting extraterrestrial firstpersonshooter fmod future jumping licensechange lutris mpfocus powerarmor rating-esrb-t roughterrain spacefaringage starsiege torque3d tribes-series uvl-releases walking
Deathmatch Classic (Half-Life: Deatmatch Classic;HL:DC)  Valve (Valve)2001 bunnyhopping firstpersonshooter mod
Soldat  TransHuman Directive (TransHuman Directive)2002 battleye bunnyhopping directx8 langbrazil-port langcatalan langcroatian langhungarian langlithuanian langthai lighthearted matchmakingrating mp-dm mpfocus runandgun weaponkickback
Painkiller  Dreamcatcher (People Can Fly)2004 ♫bachclavier2pnf6 1life achievements achillesheelfoes afterlife alternateattack arenafpstps armyofone aspectratio-4-3 autorun autosavepoints beamweapons bossbattles bunnyhopping cemetery chosenone coffins colossi cryogenicweapons deadprotagonist demo demons directx8 dissolvingcorpses download elimination energyweapons exoticweapons falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter fov-horizontal gadgetweapons gamespy ghosts gianthumanoids giantmonsters gore gothic havokphysics healthpickups hell hellscape inertscenery juggernauts jumping lua milessound mixedtheme modifiable monsters mookrush mp-dm multipleendings multitools nailguns ninja noports pain-engine painkiller-series purgatory religion-christian rewardingvandalism rockets satan saveanywhere secrets serious skeletons solomission souls spearguns stocksounds suicideattackers supermode tanks throwback town traproom twitchshooter undead underworld uvl-releases walking walkingarmory widescreen witches zombies
Tribes: Vengeance (Tribes 3;Tribes III)  Vivendi (Irrational Games)2004 armcannons bunnyhopping cdrom classbased dedicatedclient drifting dvd energyweapons extraterrestrial firstpersonshooter future havokphysics jumping militantprotagonist missionbased mp-ctf mp-dm mp-teams mp-undefined powerarmor rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-16 roughterrain spacefaringage starsiege titulargroup tribes-series unrealengine2 uvl-tiein walking
Counter-Strike: Source (CS: Source;CS:S)  Valve Corporation (Turtle Rock Studios)2004 achievements achievements-public ammomagazines bunnyhopping counterstrike firearms firstpersonshooter havokphysics jumping langchinesesimpl langchinesetrad langthai license-crossplatform mp-crossplatform mp-gungame mp-teams netranking novintfalcon playerstats rating-esrb-m rawinput sourceengine steampowered steamworks walking
Nexuiz Classic (Nexuiz)  Alientrap Games (Alientrap Games)2005 arenafpstps bunnyhopping darkplacesengine firstpersonshooter sdl telefrag twitchshooter uvl-confusable
Battlefield 2  Electronic Arts (EA Digital Illusions CE)2005 battlefield-series bunnyhopping directinput driving firstpersonshooter logitech-g19 mpfocus novintfalcon openal refractor2-engine shadermodel1 walking
Operation: Matriarchy (Велиан;Velian;Operation Matriarchy)  Buka Entertainment;Meridian4 (MADia Entertainment)2005 235x 24thcentury aimmode aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles autorun autosavepoints beepingcomputers biotechnology bodyarmor bossbattles bunnyhopping capacity-toolslots chemicalweapons cyborgs difficulty doors doors-automatic elevators elevators-multifloor energyweapons explosiveobjects femaleantagonist firearms flamethrowers future handguns heavyspecularity interactivetriggers itemglow jumping keys knives limitedcapacity livingweapons machineguns militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters mutants objectiveindicator origlang-russian otherworld plasmaweapons powerarmor precisionrifles radar reload-manual rockets rotaryguns saveanywhere shotguns spacecraft-location spacestation teleporters telescope walking
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation (Painkiller: Hell and Damnation;Painkiller HD)  Nordic Games (The Farm 51)2012 beamweapons bleak bossbattles bunnyhopping cemetery deathfakers difficulty disclaunchers distortedvision electricweapons elimination energyweapons explosiveobjects firearms hags healthdrops jumping mp-campaign mp-cooperative music-metal objectiveindicator painkiller-series projectilerecovery rage rating-pegi-18 retrypoints rewardingvandalism shotguns skeletons spearguns splatter steampowered terminal twitchshooter walking