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Alien Logic  Musicbank (Musicbank)? cdrom directx7 win98 winxp
Bible Quest: Journey Through Genesis Inspired Media Entertainment;Left Behind Games (Inspired Media Entertainment;Left Behind Games)? cdrom christian
Bliss: The Game for Lovers Games For Loving (Games For Loving)? arg cdrom christian clothing demo download inventory java leveleditor license-crossplatform license-proprietary mponly naturalistic osx romance seriousgame striptease winvista winxp
Charlie Church Mouse: Bible Adventures Kindergarten Lifeline Studios;Wisdom Tree;Left Behind Games (Lifeline Studios;Wisdom Tree;Left Behind Games)? cdrom charliechurchmouse christian
Charlie Church Mouse: Bible Adventures Preschool Lifeline Studios;Wisdom Tree;Left Behind Games (Lifeline Studios;Wisdom Tree;Left Behind Games)? cdrom charliechurchmouse christian
Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (Zoombinis: Logical Journey;L’odyssée des Zoombinis;Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Deluxe) Brøderbund (Brøderbund)? cdrom
Putt-Putt Travels Through Time Humongous Entertainment (Humongous Entertainment)? cdrom commercial license-proprietary puttputt scumm steampowered
The Dig LucasArts (LucasArts)? alienplanet aliens alientechnology book cdrom cheapdeath clickadventure communicator crystals death desolate difficulty-single displacementfiction firstcontact hoarding insaneengine interactivedialogs inventory inventory-indisposable isolatedlocale lightbridges mediaindrive militantprotagonist minigames multipleendings pda publictransit ruins saveanywhere scumm scummvm serious spectres starfishaliens stranded unexpectedsituation voiceovers voiceovers-full
Simon the Sorcerer (Simon the Sorcerer: The Original Adventure) Adventure Soft (Adventure Soft)199? agos-engine cdrom classicwizards hammerspace parody rating-esrb-t simonthesorcerer teenprotagonist voiceovers win2k win95 win98 winxp
Tōshin Toshi II (闘神都市II;Tōshin Toshi 2) Alice Soft (Alice Soft)1994 cdrom toushintoshi-series win95
3-D Ultra Pinball (3-D Ultra Pinball: Fastest Pinball in Space;3D Ultra Pinball) Sierra On-Line (Dynamix)1995 cdrom pinball win95
Battle Beast 7th Level (7th Level)1995 cdrom win95
ClockWerx  Spectrum Holobyte (Callisto Corporation)1995 3.5disk cdrom
Comix Zone  SegaSoft (SegaSoft)1995 cdrom dreamworld explosiveobjects fromanotherworld maleprotagonist metafiction monsters mutants onomatopoeia rating-esrb-ka wingapi
Command: Aces of the Deep Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1995 20thcentury cdrom submarine win95 worldwar2
Congo: The Movie - Descent into Zinj (Congo: Dans les Profondeurs de Zinj) Viacom Newmedia (Illumina Productions)1995 cdrom movie win95
Cyberspeed Mindscape (Mindscape)1995 cdrom
EarthSiege 2: Skyforce  Dynamix (Dynamix)1995 1life cdrom creatorvscreation diegeticui earthsiege extraterrestrial firstpersonshooter future hillland machinecivilization mecha mechsim militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased noports robotmenace robots rogueai sentientmachines serious spacefaringage starsiege unseenprotagonist uvl-imagequality uvl-missingimages vehiclecustomization walker walkers war
Endorfun Time Warner Interactive (onesong)1995 cdrom win95
Fury³ (Fury3)  Microsoft (Terminal Reality)1995 addons atmosphericflight cdrom photex-engine win95 wingapi
Les Guignols de l'Info ...LE JEU ! (The Puppets of Info ...THE GAME !) Canal+ Multimedia (in visio)1995 cdrom clickadventure tvseries
Locus GT Interactive (Zombie Studios)1995 cdrom madeupsport vrgoggles
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure  Activision (Kinesoft)1995 cdrom cpu-486 deathpits forest lighthearted mesoamerican-theme minecarts pitfallseries reactos scorpions snakes tropic win95
Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo (Putt Putt Saves the Zoo;Putt-Putt redt de Zoo: De Dierentuin van AutoStad;Pouce-Pouce Sauve le Zoo;Töff-Töff rettet den Zoo;Автомобильчик Бип-Бип Спасает Зоопарк) Humongous Entertainment;GameTap;Akella;Night Dive Studios (Humongous Entertainment)1995 486 cdrom clickadventure commercial license-proprietary puttputt scumm scummvm
Shivers  Sierra (Sierra)1995 486sx cdrom color-8bit museum sci-engine scummvm-wip