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Bob Squisch und der moosige Moorkönig  Canyon Software (Abramedia)1997 companion dogs rescue
Liath (Liath: Spiralny Świat)  Project Two Interactive (Project Two Interactive)1998 clickadventure companion fae magic maleprotagonist map mysticprotagonist otherworld sorcery
Baldur's Gate (BG;Wrota Baldura;Ворота Бальдура;Vorota Baldura;Bode zhi Men;博德之门;Battleground Infinity)  Interplay;Black Isle Studios (BioWare)1998 1life 2hmeleeweapons activepause adnd adv-progress adv-ptdistr adv-static alcohol autoattack axes backstabbing baldursgate bards basilisks berserkers bhaalspawn bloodlines bludgeons bodyarmor books bossbattles bows bridge brothel caninoids capacity-slots capacity-stacks castle cdrom cemetery charactercreation cheapdeath chickens city classbased classbasedeq companion compatiblewine containers crossbows darts datacaching death dialog-tree diaries dicemechanics difficulty difficulty-ingame direanimals directplay directx5 directx6 dnd doors doppelgangers druids drunkenness dungeon dvd dwarves elves encounters-allies encounters-conditional encounters-literal encounters-moving encounters-neutral encounters-set encounters-unset epigraph eviloverlord familiars fantasyworld fatigue femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse forest forgottenrealms framesynced genderbender genderchoice giantinsects giantspiders glitchprotection gnolls gnomes goblins godlingprotagonist golems group halflings hazardouspowers healthbuffer highfantasy hitchance homingboulders humans identitycrisis infinityengine insectoids interactivedialogs inventory inventory-supplies ipx itempickup-instant jewelry karma knives limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magic-delayed magic-somatic magic-verbal magicrings maleprotagonist mechanicexplained mediaindrive medieval meleeweapons monsters morale mp-bots mp-campaign mp-cooperative mythmagnet namegenerator neutralnpcs npcammo npcstunning orphanprotagonist playerexposition polearms prematuretaskcompletion prerenderedbackgrounds programming prophecy protagonistnaming pseudorealtime ragtaggang randomchance randomdamage resting river romance rooting ruins rumors sewers shapeshifters sharedsetting shopping slings sorcery spears specieschoice speciespenalty spellbooks spellmemory standingstones staves stealth stippletransparency stunning stupidevil subterranean summoning swords titlementioned tombstones tooltips town traps tutorial unarmedfighting undead unusualprotagonist uvl-tiein uvl-workingtitle vendortrash voicechoice voiceovers walking weefolk wilderness wyverns xp-deeds xp-kills xp-levelmatch xp-lockpicking xp-shared youngadultprotagonist
Skout Modern Games (Soft Enterprises)1999 companion energyweapons extraterrestrial otherworld precisionrifles rescue robots
Lands of Lore III (Lands of Lore 3;LoL3)  Electronic Arts (Westwood Studios)1999 1life acid adv-static alcohol amazons animateweapons automap axes backstabbing bigcats bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows capacity-slots castle cave cdrom chemistry chickens city companion compass containers crossbows crystals damageinfo damagetypes dark-limited datacaching deities difficulty dimensionalbreach dimensionaltravel direct3d directx6 doors dragons elementals elevators enemyhealthdisplay energyregen familiars flammables forest giantinsects giantspiders giantworms glide3d gog gore guild hiddenattributes highbornprotagonist humanoidprotagonist humanoids hunger hybridprotagonist illequipped illusionarywalls inertscenery interactivetriggers inventory itemidentification jewelry jumping knives knockback landsoflore lava limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magicartefacts magicrings mansion mapannotation mediaindrive meleeweapons milessound monsters movingplatforms murinoids mutants neutralmonsters nightvision nontolkienian noports notebook npcspawning obsoletedassets orcs outlaws outsiders polearms polycephalids polymathprotagonist portals premadeprotagonist prerenderedcinematics pressureplates quake rating-esrb-t rats recurrence-location rewardingvandalism sciencefantasy screenshake search secondaryantagonist secrets selfupdate serious sewers shallowwater shopping skeletons sorcery spectres sprites statuseffects stealing subtitledeficient summoning supplyanddemand swords swrender teenprotagonist thrownweapons tigers title-static toxins trash turrets tutorial tutorial-noninteractive undead unfinished unfixedbugs unlimitedammo unseeninformers unusualprotagonist voiceovers volcanic walking wildcardeqslots win95 win98 wintery wyrms xp-kills xp-multi xp-other
NetHack  ? (?)200? adv-static charactercreation cockatrices companion corpseactions forcedpolymorph fourhorsemen gelatinouscubes genderchoice inventory itemidentification jokeitems leveldrain leveldrain-permanent magic mapgenerator objectplot permadeath procreation randomdamage roguelike search singlesave transcendency windowed xp-kills xyzzy
Daikatana (John Romero's Daikatana)  Eidos (Ion Storm)2000 1life 25thcentury adv-ptdistr airducts ancientgreece animals aureal3d balkans bodyarmor cdrom city-sanfrancisco-ca companion dark difficulty directx6 directx7 dissolvingcorpses drm drm-removed earth eax eax1 elevators energyweapons equipmentexperience europe falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter friendlyfire future gog grecoroman greece healingstations healthpickups idtech2 industrial-setting jumping ladders leveleditor maleprotagonist mediaindrive milessound monsters opengl past powerups retrypoints robots rockets safedisc saveanywhere savetokens sciencefantasy secrets serious splatter steampowered swords temporalincursion timetravel titularobject weaponexperience weaponplot win2k win95 winnt4 xp-kills
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (BG2:SoA;Baldur's Gate 2;バルダーズ・ゲート 2 シャドウ オブ アムン)  Interplay;Black Isle Studios (BioWare)2000 1life activepause adnd adv-static autoattack baldursgate bards bhaalspawn bloodlines capacity-slots castle cdrom charactercreation cheapdeath city classbased classbasedeq cloneconundrum clones companion compatiblewine containers damagetypes darts dataexport derivedstatistics dialog-tree dicemechanics difficulty directx7 dnd dolbysurround doors dragons dragons-western dungeon dvd ectsaward elves estate familiars fatigue forgottenrealms framesynced genderbender genderchoice gnomes godlingprotagonist gog golems group halflings hazardouspowers healthbuffer highfantasy hitchance homingboulders ichthyoids identitycrisis imps infinityengine interactivedialogs inventory inventory-supplies itempickup-instant jewelry karma liches limitedcapacity lockpicking lostresources mageslayers magic magic-delayed magic-somatic magic-verbal magicrings medieval mindflayers mp-campaign mp-cooperative multiverse mythmagnet namegenerator neutralnpcs opengl orphanprotagonist paladins prematuretaskcompletion prerenderedbackgrounds protagonistnaming protectioncomplex pseudorealtime ragtaggang randomchance randomdamage resting romance rooting screenshake sentientartefact shadows shapeshifters shapeshifting sharedsetting shopping sorcery specieschoice speciespenalty spellbooks spellmemory staticpixelscale subclassing summoning swrender thesoulless tooltips traps treetoptown undead unusualprotagonist uvl-tiein vampires vendortrash voicechoice voiceovers walking weefolk wildmagic win95 win98 xp-deeds xp-kills xp-levelmatch xp-lockpicking xp-shared
The Hollow Earth (Agharta: The Hollow Earth)  Egmont Interactive (Aniware)2001 1920s ants companion earth fantasticearth hollowworld maleprotagonist middleagedprotagonist past penguin primates
Beyond Good & Evil  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montpellier)2003 1life abominations actionadventure aircushionvehicle aliens animalpeople aspectratio-4-3 bechdelwallace bossbattles chargedattack city cliffhanger companion conspiracy cooperation demo directx9 download eax3 eldritchabominations elevators espionage fantasyworld femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse guidedweapons hovervehicle humanoidprotagonist industrial-setting insectoids jadeengine journalistprotagonist meleeweapons minigames monsters moon nomagic photographing polearms postcreditsscene protectioncomplex rating-esrb-t rebellion rebelprotagonist rewardingvandalism robots savepoints sciencefantasy shopping spacecraft spacecraft-small spoilertags staves stormtroopereffect stylized subterranean undefinedsetting uvl-imagequality uvl-releases voiceovers walking win2k win98 winxp
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Prince of Persia - Les Sables du Temps)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2003 4thwallbroken aaa actionadventure antiquity arabianfantasy companion counterattacks cpplanguage directx9 download drm eax eax2 eax3 elevatorbattle environmentalpuzzle hackandslash jadeengine lighthearted mediaindrive meleeweapons movie oldarabian-theme pandorasbox pop-sandsoftime princeofpersia rating-esrb-t redemption safedisc semiteprotagonist shadermodel1 time-theme timecontrol titlementioned titularcharacter undo unreliablenarrator voiceovers walking wallrunning win2k win98 winxp
The Chosen (Frater;The Chosen: Well of Souls)  Meridian4 (Rebelmind)2006 19thcentury actionrpg automap bleak cdrom companion cpplanguage demo demons directx7 download earlymodernperiod europe firearms gunpowderfantasy healthregen historical-galicia historicalfantasy inventory itemdurability magic meleeweapons monsters openal premadecharacters rewardingvandalism saveanywhere savepoints secretsociety shopping sorcery stamina teleport teleporting town undead vampires vorbis werewolves win2k win98 winvista winxp zombies
Half-Life 2: Episode One (HL2E1;HL2ep1)  Sierra (Valve)2006 1life 21stcentury absolutearmor achievements achievements-public airducts aliens alternateattack anticipatorysightings aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles autosavepoints bioships bludgeons breakpad burning chainreactions chapterreplay city cliffhanger companion controllablehelplessness crossbows damageindicator dark dawnofanewage difficulty difficulty-ingame directx7 directx8 directx9 doors download earth elevators energyshields episodic explosiveobjects facialexpressions fascism fastzombies firearms firstpersonshooter forcefields genderdiscrepancy grenades halflife handguns havokphysics hazmatsuit hdrlighting healthbuffer healthpickups healthwarning hospital idlenoise insectoids jumping ladders lamp langchinesesimpl langchinesetrad license-crossplatform lipsync livinglegend lostresources meleeweapons novintfalcon npcstrife parasites parkinglot planetlooters powerarmor powerthrow protect psychics radiotap rebellion rebelprotagonist ruins runningcommentary saveanywhere saveonline scientistprotagonist sequelhook shadermodel2 shadermodel3 shotguns silentprotagonist singlegenderopposition snipers sourceengine steampowered steamworks submachineguns subterranean title-animated title-multi title-scene tripeds walking walkingarmory widescreen zombies
Prey (Prey 2006)  2K Games (Human Head Studios)2006 1life alienabduction alieninvasion aliens americanindians amerindprotagonist anticipatorysightings biotechnology children childvictims civilianprotagonist companion controllablehelplessness did difficulty-auto directx9 disintegrators download drm drm-removed eax4 firstpersonshooter ghosts gore grotesque idtech4 interactivepurgatory interspecificconflict jumping livingweapons logitech-g19 mediums novintfalcon openal opengl organic-theme paranormal peopleresources planetlooters portals portaltech prey-series punkbuster relativegravity rescue securom7 serialkey serious techinnovation unusualprotagonist uvl-confusable walking widescreen win2k winxp zip
Recettear (Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale;RECETTEAR〜アイテム屋さんのはじめ方〜;Recettear 〜Item-ya-san no Hajimekata〜)  EasyGameStation;Carpe Fulgur (EasyGameStation)2007 adv-static adv-undefined adventurers amoeboids aspectratio-4-3 automap bechdelwallace bizarreevents blocking bloodless bodyarmor bossbattles bossrush bows burrowers capacity-slots chargers childprotagonist circadiancycle city classbased cleargame colorcodednpcs companion containers criticalchance crustacoids damageflicker deathless deathpenalty demo dialog-sentences discriminatingcustomers encounters-popup enemyhealthdisplay facefaults fantasyworld femaleprotagonist flyingcreatures foolishprotagonist friendshipbeatdown gameterminology giants haggling healingitems hirelings insectoids insects interactivedialogs itempickup-instant jewelry knockback leveluprestoration lighthearted limitedcapacity loot-random loot-unexpected magic magicrings mapgenerator meleeweapons minimap mode-survival monsters mycoids mystics neutralnpcs newgameplus npcdodging npcspawning opponentpowerdisplay origlang-japanese polearms postmissionrestoration radar retailstore rivalry savepoints shields shiftinglocale shopping singlecontroller skipnoninteractive spears sprites staves steampowered suicideattackers sweepingstrikes swords tentaclecreatures thieves titlementioned titularlocale tradesim trading trading-orders tutorial vagueage volcanic walking wildcardeqslots xp-kills xp-trading yeoldeenglish
Everlight: Magic & Power (Everlight: Elves into Power!;Everlight: Elfen an die Macht)  DreamCatcher Interactive;Atari;JoWooD Productions (The Games Company)2007 companion directx9 drm dvd magic pythonlanguage securom7 sprites tages teenprotagonist
Jade Empire (Jade Empire: Special Edition)  2K Games (BioWare;LTI Gray Matter)2007 1life 2hmeleeweapons achillesheelfoes adv-ptdistr anticipatorysightings arena asianprotagonist aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 automap autosavepoints beggars books cave cemetery chinese-theme chinesemythology city combatstyles companion cruelty-potential death deities demons demons-eastern dialog-sentences directx9 disturbednature divineabsence dodging download dualism energystations eviloverlord fantasyworld fictionaluniverse flyingislands forest formerhumans genderchoice ghosts golems group-subset healingdevice healingstations healthpickups hideout ignoredcompanions interactivedialogs inventory lasthope lastofakind leveluprestoration lipsync magic martialarts meleeweapons monsters moralchoices mountain mystics naturalleader nojumping obsoletedassets optionaltasks organizedcrime pain palace pawn perchararelations polearms possessed premadecharacters protagonistnaming psychopomps ragtaggang rating-esrb-m recurringopponent romance ruins samsara saveanywhere school serious shadermodel2 shopping sorcery speech-gibberish spirithosts swords tasktracker town unarmedfighting underworld uvl-releases walking warriorprotagonist wetland widescreen wushu wuxia xp-deeds xp-kills
Half-Life 2: Episode Two (HL2E2;HL2ep2)  Sierra (Valve)2007 1life 21stcentury absolutearmor achievements achievements-public airducts aliens alternateattack aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 autosavepoints bioluminescence bioships bludgeons breakpad chapterreplay companion controllablehelplessness damageindicator dawnofanewage difficulty difficulty-ingame directx9 download driving earth energyshields episodic explosiveobjects facialexpressions fascism fetching firearms firstpersonshooter forest gardengnomes genderdiscrepancy grenades halflife havokphysics hazmatsuit hdrlighting healthbuffer healthpickups healthwarning hive idlenoise insectoids jumping larvae license-crossplatform lipsync livinglegend lostresources maggots meleeweapons mine novintfalcon npcstrife physics planetlooters powerarmor powerthrow radiotap rebellion rebelprotagonist runningcommentary saveanywhere saveonline scientistprotagonist sequelhook shadermodel1 silentprotagonist singlegenderopposition sourceengine steampowered steamworks subterranean suicideattackers title-animated title-multi title-scene tragicending walking walkingarmory widescreen
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men  Eidos Interactive (IO Interactive)2007 airport city coerced companion coversystem directx9 earth firearms group group-leader healthregen kaneandlynch-series mp-cooperative multipleendings naturalistic nojumping openal organizedcrime outlawprotagonist parentprotagonist pyrrhicvictory serious shadermodel3 titularcharacter tragedy tragicending walking widescreen windowslive winvista winxp
Edna Breaks Out (Edna Bricht Aus;Edna & Harvey: The Breakout) Daedalic Entertainment (Daedalic Entertainment)2008 amnesia clickadventure companion darkpast escape femaleprotagonist insaneasylum java lunatics multipleendings tragicending
Conflict: Denied Ops  Eidos Interactive (Pivotal Games)2008 accuracy-motion accuracy-posture africa aimmode ammomagazines asia companion controlswitch cooperation demo distortedvision driving dynamicaccuracy earth equipment-predefined explosiveobjects firearms firstpersonshooter grenades group-leader handguns healthregen helicopters hud-dynamic incendiarygrenades latemodernperiod leaning machineguns militantprotagonist militaryfiction mines missionbased mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dm mp-teams multiprotagonists nojumping objectiveindicator playerprofiles postures precisionrifles present resuscitation retrypoints rockets ruins russia rwanda saveanywhere serious smokegrenades southamerica stungrenades tank tanks telescope vaulting venezuela voicechat walking
Prince of Persia (プリンス・オブ・ペルシャ;波斯王子;Принц Персии)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2008 acrobatics actionadventure allforone ancientenemy antiheroprotagonist anvilengine autosavepoints backtracking bookends cacophonicvoice cave city claiming combomoves comicrelief companion controlconfig controlmalfunction cpplanguage death deathless directionalforce-tilt directx10 directx9 dodging download drm dualism dvd enemyhealthdisplay entangled falseending fantasyworld fasttravel fictionaluniverse formerhumans fourhorsemen gog grappling groupactions healthregen horizontalbars impulsegoo injuries ladders ledges lighthearted lightvsdark magic meleeweapons metroidvania monkeybars monsters mystics namelessprotagonist nonlinear objectiveindicator openended outlawprotagonist parrying poles pop-ahriman princeofpersia pyrrhicvictory quicktimeevent recurringopponent restoration ruins sacrificiallamb safepits saveanywhere sequelhook shadermodel3 streamerscarf subterranean swords tangibleabstracts teleport thiefprotagonist tutorial unarmedfighting uvl-releases walking walljumping wallrunning wallsliding widescreen winvista winxp
Heileen 2: The Hands Of Fate  Tycoon Games (Tycoon Games)2009 17thcentury atlantic coconuts companion demo domesticcats earlymodernperiod earth femaleprotagonist fish fruits island license-proprietary magic monologues multipleendings narrativedriven optionaltasks score sevendeadlysins sevenholyvirtues steampowered tarot visions visualnovel
The Maw  Twisted Pixel Games (Twisted Pixel Games)2009 alienprotagonist aliens amoeboids companion demo directx9 download grapplinghook lua otherworld shapeshifters winvista winxp
Aztaka  Citeremis (Citeremis)2009 14thcentury adv-ptdistr apemen autosavepoints bossbattles cave centauroids city companion damageflicker damageinfo download earth fmod forest giantbeetles giantinsects godlingprotagonist harmfultouch harpies heads healthregen hive indie insectoids jewelry knockback loot-random loot-unexpected magic magicrings meleeweapons mesoamerican-theme mexico minibosses mountain mystics npcspawning obsoletedassets playerprofiles potions ruins savepoints search slowmotion sorcery spears spectres steampowered tropic tumbling uvl-releases wetland widescreen xp-kills youngadultprotagonist