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Dance Dance Revolution  Konami (Konami)2002 dancepad ddr exergame
StepMania  ? (Chris Danford)2005 cdrom dancepad directx8 download exergame lua opengl sdl stepmaniaengine
PC Dance Mat Coilmix 2010  ? (?)2010 dancepad
Crypt of the NecroDancer  Brace Yourself Games (Brace Yourself Games)2015 1life alphafunding automap bombs chiroptera currency dancepad defensebreaking destructibleworld difficulty digging download dragons dungeoncrawler enemyhealthdisplay femaleprotagonist firearms-early gamepad giantanimals glowingeyes gog grid grid-square keyboard knives lineofsight lives loot-random meleeweapons minimap monsters music-custom music-edm music-theme netranking nosaves permadeath realtimecombat retro roguelike screenshake shopping skeletons steampowered stonecreatures subterranean swords tactical upgrades-permanent upgradesystem