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Thief (Thi4f;Thief 4;Thief 2014)  Square Enix;Eidos Interactive (Eidos Montreal)2014 airducts alarmers amdtrueaudio animals autosavepoints autumnal backstabbing bank beggars bioluminescence blindcreatures bludgeons bookends bossbattles bows brothel castle chapterreplay city clandestine cleargame clockpunk collectibles compass controlconfig dashing depthoffield difficulty difficulty-aspects directx11 distracting dodging doorpeep doors drugs dustmotes dystopian eavesdropping elevators eliteprotagonist energyitems factory falldamage formervaporware fovoption fragileprotagonist fullbodyawareness fxaa gpuasynccompute haunting healingitems hiding house hud-dynamic humanoids humblestore inbuilttraps indicator-visibility ingamecinematics insaneasylum island itemglow itempickup-normal jumping keycodes ladders launcher leaning levelhub lightdousing limitedshopstock limitedsupplies lockpicking lockpicking-feedback lostcity magic magic-rare mansion mantleapi medieval minimap noenergyregen nonlethalelimination npcworldchangeawareness nudity objectiveindicator optionaltasks outbreak outlawprotagonist outlaws physx pickpocketing pressureplates prologue prostitutes rating-pegi-18 rebellion reboot recycledtitle rooftops ruins safeledges saveanywhere secondaryantagonist secrets sequence-escape shopping ssaa ssao stamina stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame steampowered steamworks stereoscopic stungrenades stunning stunprods subterranean temple thief-series thiefprotagonist timeskip tower trapdisarming unrealengine3 uvl-confusable uvl-workingtitle visions walking weirdvision wwise x86 x86-32 x86-64 zoom
Ashes of The Singularity Stardock (Oxide Games)2016 alphafunding directx12 future gog gpuasynccompute mpfocus nitrous-engine steampowered vulkanapi
DOOM (Doom 4;Doom 2016) Bethesda Softworks (id Software;Certain Affinity)2016 22ndcentury alternateattack antiheroprotagonist autosavepoints bossbattles bossmeter carnographic chainsaw challenges chapterreplay chapterreplay-prochronic chromaticaberration daylighthorror demo demonicmenace demons denuvo difficulty doom-series download drm drm-removed emweapons energyweapons evilisgood extraterrestrial fallbackweapon fallimpact future gamemodedevdiscrepancy gameplayandstorysegregation giantmonsters gibs gore gpuasynccompute graphicdeaths handguns healingfinishers healthdrops hell idtech6 immortalprotagonist itemglow jumping keys leveleditor lightguides machineguns map map-3d mars midairjumping monsters noreloading npctargetleading openended opengl plasmaweapons powertools rating-pegi-18 reboot recycledtitle robots rockets rotaryguns sciencefantasy secrets sentientmachines sequelhook shotguns slowmotion spawners splatter steampowered steamworks titlementioned uniqueprotagonist uvl-searchelp vulkanapi walking weaponupgrades wwise x86 x86-64