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Grand Theft Auto - London 1969 (GTA London 1969) Rockstar Games;Take-Two Interactive (DMA Design)1999 1960s 20thcentury city-london-uk driving england gta gtalike hijacking nonlinear openworld swrender traffic walking
Grand Theft Auto 2 (GTA2;Grand Theft Auto II)  Take 2 Interactive (Rockstar Games)1999 2010s 21stcentury directx8 driving free future gta gtalike hijacking licensechange nonlinear openworld optionaltasks outlawprotagonist swrender traffic walking
Battlezone II: Combat Commander (Battlezone 2;BZ2)  Activision (Pandemic Studios)1999 1life alieninvasion artillery basebuilding battlezone branchingstory builders cannons cdrom commandtransfer control-individuals controlconfig cpu-586 crewtargeting cultfollowing difficulty directcontrol directx7 driving extraterrestrial facelessprotagonist fanpatch fieldpromotion fpsrts future gamespy grouping guidedweapons guidedweapons-self harvesters hijacking hillland hitboxes hovertank hovervehicle jumping jumppack landvehicle leaderparticipation mecha militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased mp-lms mp-teams mrls multipleendings multivehicular noports otherworld pictureinpicture playerprofiles precisionrifles proportionalworld rapidpromotions redbookaudio resourcegeneration resourceharvesting rockets serious serverbrowser spacefaringage supervisorprotagonist tank tanks tga title-cinematic transformation tropic walker walking wasteland weaponsplatforms win-16b-installer win95 win98 zero-engine
Grand Theft Auto III (GTA3;Grand Theft Auto 3;GTA III)  Take 2 Interactive (DMA Design)2002 ♫ladonnaemobile 2000s 21stcentury city driving ectsaward gta gtalike hijacking milessound nonlinear openworld present prostitutes rating-esrb-m redlightdistrict renderwareengine steampowered traffic walking
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (GTA Vice City)  Rockstar Games (Rockstar North)2003 1980s 20thcentury bikers driving firearms gta gtalike hijacking lutris machinepistols milessound nonlinear openworld past rating-esrb-m steampowered traffic walking
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA San Andreas)  Take 2 Interactive;Rockstar Games (Rockstar North)2005 1990s 20thcentury blackprotagonist compatiblewine driving firearms gta gtalike hijacking machinepistols nonlinear openworld past rating-esrb-ao roses-red steampowered tattoos traffic walking
Scarface: The World is Yours  Vivendi (Radical Entertainment)2006 city driving fasttravel firearms gtalike hijacking movie openworld targetlock traffic walking watercraft
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Mercs 2)  Electronic Arts (Pandemic Studios)2008 2010s 21stcentury actionadventure aimmode ammomagazines aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles autosavepoints bombs bountyhunting capacity-toolslots challenges city city-maracaibo-ve counselor cpplanguage crewtargeting destructibleenvironment directx9 driving drm drm-activation drm-login dvd ea-origin earth factions falldamage fallimpact fasttravel fofindicator freelancing future grenadecooking grenadelaunchers grenades gunboat gunboats healthpickups healthregen healthregen-moderate helicopter helicopters hijacking hud-dynamic itemglow itempickup-auto itempickup-instant jeep jetski jumping ladders limitedcapacity logitech-g19 map mercenaries mercenaries-series mercenaryprotagonist motorboat motorcycle mp-cooperative multiseaters multivehicular noncombpenalty objectiveindicator optionaltasks outdoors precisionrifles premadecharacters privatemilitarycompanies proprietarynetwork quicktimeevent recallportal reload-lossy reload-real remotedetonators resuscitation rockets securom securom7 securompa sequence-timed serialkey shadermodel3 shopping shotguns southamerica speedboat stealing swimming tank tanks targetdesignator telescope title-cinematic traffic turrets unarmedfighting venezuela vorbis walking widescreen winvista winxp
Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV;GTA4)  Rockstar Games (Rockstar North;Rockstar Toronto)2008 ♫theentertainer 2000s 21stcentury controlmalfunction dollyzoom download driving drm dvd dynamicmotionsynthesis euphoriaengine gameoftheyear gta gtalike hijacking nonlinear openworld present rageengine securom shadermodel3 traffic walking windowslive
Saints Row 2  THQ (Volition)2009 city crimefiction driving evilvsevil fictionallocation gangwar gtalike havokphysics hijacking meatshield mp-cooperative openworld proprietarynetwork rating-esrb-m saintsrow-series shadermodel3 sluts steampowered steamworks walking walkingarmory
Prototype  Activision (Radical Entertainment)2009 1life a113 acrobatics adv-limited adv-progress adv-xpdistr aimassist airdash alarmers amnesia antiheroprotagonist armyofone autosavepoints autumnal biogrowth bossbattles cannibalism challenges chargedattack chargedjump city city-newyork-ny cleargame coldopen collectibles comic conspiracy cpplanguage desperatepower detectors devouring difficulty directx9 disguising disposableweapons dodging download driving drm dvd earth endlessopposition enemyupgrade evilvsevil fallimpact firearms fistloads fullscreen geneticassimilation giantmonsters gliding gore grappling groundslamming groupmind healthdrops hiding hijacking homingboulders humanoidprotagonist humanweapon impulsegoo indicator-poi indicator-threat infravision intermissions island jumping lasso liveactors lua midairjumping minimap missionbased monsters mutablescenery-large mutants naturalweapons neuralthxsurround neutralnpcs newgameplus nochildren nofalldamage nonlinear noreloading northamerica npcspawning oneofakind openended openworld outbreak overheal parkour patientzero playerexposition powermimicry powerthrow protectioncomplex prototype-series quarantine quicktimeevent radar recurringopponent rockets rooftops save-opportunistic securom7 sequelhook sequence-defend serious shapeshifters shapeshifting shapeshifting-partial stealth superjump superpowers superstrength targetlock tasteofpower tentaclecreatures titanium-engine traffic trampling tutorial unarmedfighting uniqueprotagonist unlockable-difficulty unrestrictedviolence upgrades-abilities upgrades-health upgrades-permanent upgradesystem uvl-releases uvl-techlimitation visionmodes walking wallclimbing wallclinging wallrunning walltraversal weaponupgrades weirdvision whips widescreen winvista winxp xp-deeds xp-drops xp-objects
Red Faction: Guerrilla (Red Faction 3;RFG;RF3)  THQ (Volition)2009 2120s 22ndcentury achievements achievements-public aimmode ammomagazines arid armoredcars assaultrifles autosavepoints bludgeons bombs capacity-toolslots captives chainreactions challenges civilianprotagonist civilizedsavages cleargame coversystem cpplanguage deathpits depthoffield destructibleenvironment difficulty difficulty-ingame directx10 directx9 disclaunchers disintegrators download driving drm drm-activation dvd endlessopposition energyweapons explosiveobjects explosives-sticky extraterrestrial falldamage fallimpact fasttravel firearms fofindicator friendlyfire future geomod-engine guerrilla guidedweapons gunclubbing gunships handguns havokphysics healthregen healthregen-fast hijacking hud-dynamic impulsegoo indicator-poi indicator-route invisiblewalls itemglow jumping jumppack ladders limitedcapacity machineguns map mars mecha meleeweapons mines minimap movie mp-assault mp-control mp-dm mp-teams mp-undefined nanotechnology neutralnpcs newgameplus news nonlinear npcspawning objectiveindicator openworld optionaltasks precisionrifles radar rebellion rebelprotagonist redfaction reload-auto reload-manual remotedetonators rewardingvandalism rockets ruins screenshake seamlessworld sequence-defend sequence-turret serialkey serious shadermodel3 shotguns spacefaringage structuresupports tank tanks taskgenerator telescope titlementioned titulargroup unlockable-difficulty upgradesystem vehicleflip walker walkers walking wasteland windowslive winvista winxp wreckage
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (SW:CWRH)  LucasArts (Krome Studios)2009 achievements achievements-public adv-xpdistr alternatingprotagonist canon cartoon challenges companion contextactions contextactions-similar deathpits difficulty directx9 dodging download dvd energyweapons fallbackweapon grenades healthregen healthregen-fast hijacking lightsabers meleeweapons midairjumping militaryfiction powerups psychicpowers psychics rating-esrb-t robots sciencefantasy starwars starwars-skywalker swords tutorial visualizedtrajectory walljumping war windowslive xp-kills xp-objects
Dark Void  Capcom (Airtight Games)2010 1930s achillesheelfoes aimmode aircraft-location aliens ammomagazines aspectratio-16-9 assaultrifles autosavepoints bermudatriangle canyon capacity-toolslots controlconfig coversystem cpplanguage darkvoid-series diaries difficulty directx9 display-720p doppelgangers download drm drm-activation dvd energyweapons fallbackweapon falldamage firearms flyingsaucers fmod fofindicator grenadecooking grenades healthregen healthregen-fast hijacking interspecificconflict island itemglow jetpack jumping jumppack lethalvelocity letterbox limitedcapacity nikolatesla nvapex objectiveindicator openal openended otherworld paralleluniverse past physx piloting quicktimeevent radar reload-opportunistic robots ruins secretconflict secrets securom securompa sequence-defend shadermodel3 speech-gibberish stranded suicideattackers tropic upgradesystem vorbis walking windowsmedia winvista winxp wxwidgets x360pad
Just Cause 2  Square Enix (Avalanche Studios)2010 avalancheengine directx10 dirtbike driving dvd earth eliteprotagonist firearms grapplinghook gtalike helicopter hijacking island justcause-series motorcycle nvidia3dvision openworld parachuting pathengine rating-esrb-m speedboat traffic walking winvista
APB: All Points Bulletin(APB Reloaded)  Webzen;EA Partners (Realtime Worlds;Reloaded Productions)2010 ammotypes assaultrifles city dedicatedclient driving fame firearms free2play genderchoice grenadelaunchers grenades handguns hijacking imprisoning lawenforcerprotagonist licensechange machineguns mmog multiseaters outlawprotagonist physx precisionrifles protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-body pvp rockets shotguns steampowered stungrenades stunning submachineguns unrealengine3 upgradesystem walking weaponupgrades xinput
Pirates of Black Cove  Paradox Interactive (Nitro Games)2011 16thcentury ageofsail alcohol ballistics bombs cannons caribbean collectibles earlymodernperiod earth enemyhealthdisplay firearms giantmonsters healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow healthvisualization healthwarning hijacking island itemglow kraken map meleeweapons mystics noreinforcements outlaws pirate-theme pirates premadecharacters rating-esrb-t recallportal recruiting recycledlevels reload-auto seamonsters serialkey shopping ssao steampowered tasktracker tentaclecreatures titulargroup trivialobstacles tutorial unlimitedammo walking watercraft
Saints Row: The Third (SRTT;SR3;Saints Row 3)  THQ (Volition)2011 actionadventure adv-limited aeroplane aimmode aircraft-location anticipatorysightings antiheroprotagonist armcannons assaultrifles bathos beamweapons bludgeons circadiancycle city cleargame clothdyeing combobonuses crimefiction criminalactivity crowds damagemodeling drifting driving dualwielding dynamicaccuracy dynamicweather earth ejecting elitemobs endlessopposition energyweapons epilogue evilvsevil falldamage fauxserious fictionallocation firearms flamethrowers gagweapons gangwar genderchoice grenadelaunchers grenades gtalike hackers handguns havokphysics healthregen healthregen-fast helicopter helicopters helming hijacking hoverflight humor-blue indicator-poi indicator-route jetbike jetbikes jigglephysics jokeitems jumping lawenforcers locationaldamage lostresources luchadores machineguns map martiallaw meatshield minimap missionbased motorboat motorcycle mp-campaign mp-cooperative multipleendings neutralnpcs nochildren northamerica notextchat openworld optionaltasks organizedcrime outlawprotagonist overthetop parachuting pda piloting playerexposition precisionrifles propellerplane prostitutes protagonistdesigning quicktimeevent radar ragdollphysics rampantcrime rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 reload-manual remotecontrol rockets rotaryguns saintsrow-series secondaryantagonist selfcensorship sequence-defend shopping shotguns soldiers sonicweapons spectacularcrash staggering stamina stunguns submachineguns swords tank tanks targetdesignator telescope traffic trampling truck unarmedfighting unrestrictedviolence unwieldyweapons upgradesystem vaulting vehiclepainting vehicleselectinplay voicechat vtol walking walkingarmory watercraft watercraft-location waterscooter waterwaves wwise zombies
Sleeping Dogs (True Crime: Hong Kong)  Square Enix;Namco Bandai (United Front Games;Square Enix London)2012 ambientocclusion arkhamcombat asia attackwarning challenges communicator counterattacks dataimport disarming driving earth erraticlanguage falldamage fallimpact firearms fxaa gtalike handguns hijacking hongkong indicator-route lockpicking map minigames motionblur openworld organizedcrime sequence-chase ssaa ssao stereoscopic triad unarmedfighting uvl-workingtitle vaulting walking
Saints Row IV (Saints Row 4)  Deep Silver (Volition)2013 actionadventure alienmenace aliens aristocratprotagonist beamweapons censored city crimefiction demo driving gtalike hijacking humor-blue openworld optionaltasks overthetop ragdollphysics rating-acb-rc rating-pegi-18 saintsrow-series steampowered traffic upgradesystem virtualreality walking walkingarmory
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (В тылу врага: Штурм 2)  1C Company (DigitalMindSoft)2014 ammotypes ballistics burning coversystem crewtargeting destructibleenvironment facing fuel fuelsiphoning grenades hijacking impactangle inventory machineguns minimap mortars naturalistic nosquadhealth outfront-series postures repairing smokegrenades stamina steampowered tank tanks vehiclecrew war wargame wreckage
WATCH_DOGS (Watch Dogs)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal;Ubisoft Reflections)2014 aaa alarmers ambientocclusion assaultrifles autoshotguns city compass coversystem crimefiction depthoffield disrupt-engine driving engineshutdown envcombat firearms fxaa glitchvisuals hacking handguns hbao hijacking indicator-route legacydesign-controls map mhbao minimap motionblur mp-dropinpvp msaa neutralnpcs nvgameworks objectiveindicator optionaltasks postcyberpunk precisionrifles radialmenu rating-pegi-18 shotguns smaa stealth steampowered technofantasy technology-theme txaa ubisoft-osp undefinedelements uplay vigilanteprotagonist walking watercraft
Duskers  Misfits Attic (Misfits Attic)2016 aliens alone alphafunding automap blankprotagonist capacity-slots chromaticaberration diaries difficulty-aspects directx9 distortedvision doors doors-breakable drones fuel gog hijacking humblewidget keyboard limitedcapacity mapgenerator metainterface noreinforcements randomevents randomstartingequipment remotecontrol robots screennoise shadermodel2 singlecontroller singlesave space spacecraft-location steampowered tasktracker towing typing unity-engine unseenprotagonist winxp wordinput x86-sse2